Saved but still trapped ( Zayn Malik Fanfic )

Kayleigh Rims is 17and is abused by her father life has been like this since her mother died three years ago. When Kaileigh's best friend Claire gets two front row tickets to a one direction concert Kayleigh sneaks out to see them knowing the consequences that will follow. She doesn't care she just want to see the five boys she's loved since x factor. While waiting for the boys to come out Eleanor comes out and mentions the raffle tickets everyone was handed on their way in. Only one person wins and can't bring any one with them. What happens when Kayleigh's raffle ticket happens to be the winning ticket? And she has Love at first sight with one of the boys?


32. Chapter 26


Zayn's P.O.V

     Kayleigh left with only her purse and the keys. I slammed my fist on the counter "DAMN IT!!" I Avalon jumped where she was laying down on her stomach on the couch and started crying I ran over to her picking her up. "I'm so sorry baby" I whispered and hugged her. I brought her up to her room and placed her in her crib. I went back down stairs and started getting all the pictures off the walls, floor, chairs, couches, just everywhere and started ripping them up. I remembered how Perrie left when we gave her money to go back to little mix she said they were in London. Then it hit me she lied. They're really somewhere else and she got a hotel room here got into the house and placed all these pictures here to make Kayleigh mad again. I took a picture of the ripped up photos of Perrie and I and sent it to Perrie:


Kayleigh's P.O.V

     They had it so simple why is it that my relationship is so hard? I started thinking of my childhood after I lost my mum. "KAYLEIGH!" Liam shook me. I didn't notice I fell on the floor crying. I looked around and wiped away my tears. "Are you ok?" I shook my head what's wrong?" Julie took my arm and lead me to the couch and I sat down. I sighed "after my well adopted mum past away some of the scars that are now gone weren't from my dad" I looked down. "Did someone else hurt you?" Liam sounded angry I shook my head. "I thought something was wrong with me I had one REAL friend Claire, my dad would hurt me, I would be called names. So one day I got rid of the pain and cut myself but I stopped when I met you guys." Everyone was quite "KAYLEIGH HOW COULD YOU HOW LONG DID YOU DO IT?!" I jumped when Liam yelled at me "almost 3 years" I whispered. Liam got up running his fingers through his hair, Cat, Julie, and Harry looked down at their hands. I stood up "I umm am gonna go sorry girls for leaving when we were going to have a night out but I have to umm go" I turned and quickly walked to the door.

     As I pulled up to Zayn and my house I ran in and saw all the pictures were gone. I ran to the kitchen and saw Zayn. He was leaning against the counter on his phone facing me but didn't notice me. I ran up to him and as he looked up I jumped into his arms quickly wrapping my legs around his waist. "Well hello" Zayn said quickly grabbing my so I wouldn't fall. I laughed "hi, where's Avalon?" "In her crib" I nodded

     As it got dark out Zayn made me sit down and watch a scary movie with him. In the beginning I sat next to him with his arms around my neck but now we were half way through and I was on his lap with my arms wrapped around his waist and my head in his neck. The movie ended and he picked me up bridal style and carried me up to our room and laid me on our bed. we took his shirt and pants of and laid down in bed with me. "Just boxers now?" I laughed. "Hey we aren't on the tour bus with the boys and their girlfriends at least it's only you" I laughed again and got up. I took my shirt of I was only in my bra and jeans with my back facing Zayn as I dug through one of my suitcases for a tank top. I jump as Zayn came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist resting his head on my shoulder. "My I help you?" Zayn chuckled as he kissed my neck. "No more babies right now Zayn" I laughed and slipped on my zap tank top and yoga pants.

     I laughed as Zayn picked me up and threw me on the bed. He laid down next to me propping himself up on his elbow. I took this moment and glanced at his arms and chest. He laughed and grabbed my waist pulling my closer so I was literally laying on top of him. "You like what you see?" I laughed and started blushing as I nodded. I kissed Zayn and rolled off him. "WAIT!!" he pulled me back up on him and kissed me he quickly flipped us over so he was above me. His hand slipped under my tank top and rested on my hip I smiled and pulled away "I said no more babies right now Zayn" "I don't want another baby right now either I just want to show you I love you." "That kiss is good enough for me right now" I rolled away from under him.








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