Saved but still trapped ( Zayn Malik Fanfic )

Kayleigh Rims is 17and is abused by her father life has been like this since her mother died three years ago. When Kaileigh's best friend Claire gets two front row tickets to a one direction concert Kayleigh sneaks out to see them knowing the consequences that will follow. She doesn't care she just want to see the five boys she's loved since x factor. While waiting for the boys to come out Eleanor comes out and mentions the raffle tickets everyone was handed on their way in. Only one person wins and can't bring any one with them. What happens when Kayleigh's raffle ticket happens to be the winning ticket? And she has Love at first sight with one of the boys?


30. Chapter 24


Cat's P.O.V


     I woke up and Harry was above me smiling biting his lip. I smiled propping myself on my elbow closer to where he was above me. "You excited Kitty?" Harry whispered in my ear I smiled and sat up as he moved my on his lap as I wrapped my legs around his waist. "I can't believe it's our wedding day!!" I squealed and hugged him he laughed "I don't want a hug I want a kiss" he smiled leaning in. I smiled and pecked his nose. "No kissed till the person says you my kiss the bride" I laughed as Harry pouted. "Don't give me that look" I laughed getting up. Only to have Harry take my waist and pull me back down on my back and get on his hands and knees above me. I laughed "Harry!!!" "not in till I get my kiss kitty cat" I laughed and grabbed his shoulders and pulled him towards me and kissing him I have to admit I really wanted to kiss him. His hands flew to my waist I smiled and tangled my fingers in his soft curly hair.

     I pulled away "I have to go to the bridal suite at the hotel while you get ready" I got up threw my hair wavy blonde hair in a ponytail brushed my teeth but on jeans and one of Harry's shirts I grabbed my purse gave Harry a quick kiss and left the bunk room where the girls were. Maddie wore black toms, a grey sweatshirt, and yellow skinny jeans. Eleanor had shorts, sandals, and her jaws shirt. Julie had on sweat pants, and a batman tank top, and Kayleigh had Avalon sleeping in her arms and she wore a tank top that said zap and looked almost like Zayn's zap tattoo, yoga pants, and black flip flops Avalon wore a pink onezie that said daddy's baby girl. "Here's the bride to be!!" Maddie squealed I laughed and took Avalon from Kayleigh. "I can't believe she's already one month old already!" "I know soon she's not gonna be a baby!" I laughed and picked up a bag that had make up and hair stuff the girls picked up other bags while Kayleigh cradled sleeping Avalon in here arms.

     We walked into the bridal suite at some fancy hotel and my mouth dropped. They was a bathroom with two big mirrors and counters, two big rooms one with a table with breakfast on it, the other room had mirrors 6 vanities, 3 closets, drinks, and a big chandelier, and the last room was a adorable pink nursery for Avalon. "Oh my god this is amazing!!" Kayleigh smiled as she put Avalon in the crib so she could sleep some more. We sat don and ate breakfast taking our time we had 4 hours to get ready.


     I paced back in forth in my wedding dress. "Calm down you look beautiful and this will go perfectly smooth" Eleanor placed her hands on my shoulders. My wedding dress was mermaid style with a sweet heart neckline strapless and around my mid thighs to my knees it dropped to the skirt was a little riffled at the end had some sparkles and had a little train it was beautiful. The bridesmaid dresses were soft pink, strapless, went to the ground, and had dropped at the top of the ribcage it looked so good on the girls. Then Avalon my flower girls dress was blush pink with a soft pink ribbon around her waist, it had small little straps, went to her knees, and had small little flowers on the mid to the bottom of the skirt if the dress Avalon looked like the most adorable thing in the dress.

     My dad walked in and smiled at me handing me my bouquet which was white and pink roses and handed the girls all pink rose bouquets smaller than mine. The girls walked out to the boys in the beautiful garden behind the hotel. Zayn and Kayleigh walked down first Kayleigh held Avalon on her hip and Zayn had his arm around her waist as Avalon Kayleigh's bouquet, then Maddie and Niall walked down followed by Julie and Liam then Eleanor and Louis. I took a deep breathe put my arm around my dads as the music began and walked down smiling at Harry. I reached Harry and my dad kissed my cheek handed me off to Harry and I handed Maddie my bouquet. "We gather here today for the marriage of Miss. Cat Elizabeth Simms and Mr. Harold Edward Styles."


     "I do" I whispered as a tear fell I smiled at Harry as he put the ring on my finger. "You may now kiss the bride" Harry smiled and grabbed my waist pulling my close finally he whispered before kissing me I smiled kissed him and laughed when he pulled away.

     We cut the cake without anything going wrong so far we were all talking, eating, laughing, and just having fun before it happened.

     I smiled at Kayleigh holding Harry's hand under the table while she finished feeding and burping Avalon she was making faces at her making her giggling in the cutest way ever she was such a good mother to her even after all she's been through. Zayn smiled and joined Kayleigh with making Avalon laugh. The music stopped and everything got quiet I looked up my smile faded and I dropped my fork. Kayleigh's dad stood in front of the room on the stage with Perrie her mouth duck taped shut and her hands tied behind her back. My eyes darted to Kayleigh she pulled Avalon close to her and her eyes widened at the sight of her well adopted dad and Zayn's ex girlfriend.

     "Perrie?" Zayn stood up looking at Perrie. She nodded desperately before stopping and falling to the ground knocked out as Kayleigh's dad but a cloth of chlorophome to her nose. Zayn's eyes became grey and his hands went to fist he ran over to Kayleigh's dad punched him and Paul took him out to police where he was arrested. Zayn knelt down to Perrie and looked at her my heart fell he looked at her like he does Kayleigh. I looked at Harry he noticed I frowned and looked at Kayleigh she was now standing tears in her eyes Avalon on her hip she looked at me I shook my head she slowly and calmly walked out and disappeared.

     Harry walked over to Zayn and I took care of Perrie as she woke up.

Harry's P.O.V

     I quickly took Zayn out of the room as Perrie woke up before something happened with them and before Liam killed him. "Mate what's wrong with you!!" I yelled as he went into some empty room. "What?" he looked confused. "Kayleigh left with Avalon!!" I yelled again "why?" "YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR PERRIE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU HURT MY BABY SISTER!!!!!" I had to keep Liam away from Zayn has he yelled at him. "WHAT NO I DON'T! I LOVE KAYLEIGH TO DEATH WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL TOGETHER!!!" "WHEN YOU AND PERRIE DATED YOU LOOKED AT HER WITH LOVE BUT YOU LOOK AT KAYLEIGH DIFFERENTLY WITH MUCH MCUH MORE LOVE THATS EXACTLY HOW YOU JUST LOOKED AT PERRIE!!!" Liam was still trying to get to Zayn. "SHE LEFT THE WEDDING BECAUSE OF YOU!" Liam kept yelling. Zayn pushed past Zayn and ran to the stage to Perrie. Liam was furious everyone was watching him now. "WHY PERRIE WHY DID YOU GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS I MAY HAVE JUST LOST THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND MY DAUGHTER!" he pointed to the door. "THIS ISN'T MY FAULT HE TOOK ME! HE SAID IF I WENT WITH HIM I COULD HAVE YOU BACK!" Perrie's eyes widened as her hands flew to her mouth. "I HATE YOU PERRIE DONT EVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN!!" Zayn yelled and ran outside to look for Kayleigh and Avalon.

Harry's P.O.V

     After Zayn ran to find Kayleigh Liam relaxed but was still angry at Zayn. Perrie broke down "why would you do this Perrie?" "I  wanted Zayn back and I don't know what to do now cause I have no where to stay I didn't bring money with me he took it." I nodded and talked to everyone and we all agreed to let her stay with us. Only Zayn didn't know cause he was looking for Kayleigh and Avalon and Liam left to find her too. We got on the tour bus and Kayleigh was in her sweat pants and Vegas tank top and Avalon in a plane purple onezie. Kayleigh was crying on the couch holding Avalon Liam rushed to her side and so did Zayn. Kayleigh cried into Liam's shoulder and ignored Zayn. We all comforted her except Perrie who stood awkwardly by the door. While Liam gave Zayn the death stare every once on a while.

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