Saved but still trapped ( Zayn Malik Fanfic )

Kayleigh Rims is 17and is abused by her father life has been like this since her mother died three years ago. When Kaileigh's best friend Claire gets two front row tickets to a one direction concert Kayleigh sneaks out to see them knowing the consequences that will follow. She doesn't care she just want to see the five boys she's loved since x factor. While waiting for the boys to come out Eleanor comes out and mentions the raffle tickets everyone was handed on their way in. Only one person wins and can't bring any one with them. What happens when Kayleigh's raffle ticket happens to be the winning ticket? And she has Love at first sight with one of the boys?


26. Chapter 20

-Cat P.O.V-

      All the girls were sitting on the bus when the boys were packing for us. We all went to our changing room in the back. "Hey Cat you okay you look a bit white?" Kayleigh. I was a bit flustered about the whole wedding when I am 19 thing.

"Wh-white" I exchanged looks and felt my face

"who left the blanket down the isle!" Eleanor said picking up the blanket

"Isle?!" I couldn't even think straight

"Cat what wrong?" Maddie said grabbing my arm, the girls sat back on the bed, I couldn't lie, I sucked at lying.

"Don't tell the boys or anyone, even boyfriends or family or anyone! I haven't even told my family" everyone nodded and I uncovered my hand "Harry and I are-"

"GETTING MARRIED!" everyone screamed I shushed them 

"shhh I haven't told anyone yet! don't tell anyone please" they nodded again I pulled Kayleigh out of the room "so want to be my maid of honor?" she nodded and hugged me. Harry walked on to the bus with my luggage

"Hey Kitty" he said kissing my cheek I blushed and watched Kayleigh stare I playfully punched her and walked to the back room again

                                       -Kayleigh P.O.V-

I was so happy to ear about Cat and Harold! They would always get caught kissing or being all cute. "We need to go find a venue, dress, bridesmaid dresses, invite people" I said writing down people names.

"Actually...I was thinking we get married in Homes Chapel Harry would love it" I smiled and nodded at Cat's Idea but the only thing she's forgetting is she never met Gemma or Robin or Anne and Harry hasn't met her parents.

"Kets go dress shopping when we go to Vegas! it would be so much fun!" I told Cat. I have never been in a wedding and now I am the maid of honor! I am so excited

"Girls we are going to the club later!" Harry laughed coming in

"I can't go I have Avalon, Zayn should go he is taking care of her now" I said feeling guilty. I watched everyone get dressed, Eleanor in a pink dress with white heels, Maddie  in a white strapless shirt and black shorts with wedges, Julie in high waisted shorts and a half shirt with pink heels, and Cat in a black dress and white heels.

"Sorry you can't go love" Eleanor kissed my cheek, I nodded and sighed looking at the beautiful Avalon then at the girls leaving with the boys. Zayn didn't want to go but I forsed him. he was working so hard.

                                      -Cat P.O.V-

When we got to the club Louis and Eleanor started dancing with everyone else when Harry and I went to the bar. "I love my ring" I said taking a sip of champagne

"You are so gorgeous" he said drinking his 80th shot I am glad we have been here for 20 minutes and he already drank too much. "lets dance" he said taking another shot. I rolled my eyes and walked with him he found a spot in the middle of the floor and started dancing like a maniac when a slow song turned on he pulled me close whispering in my ear "Your my kitty girl" he slurred "When we get on the bus I am going to snuggle with you" each thing he said made me want to leave more and more

"Harry I think we should go on the bus" I said pulling his arm

"NO!" he yelled "I am staying!" he said pulling a random girl to dance with him

"FINE!" I yelled joining Eleanor and Louis who were still fine. "He's drunk" I rolled my eyes looking at him dancing with some stranger

"He'll be okay!" Louis said patting my back when I turned again I saw him kissing her. "Cat wait-" Louis said calling after me. I walked straight out going on a walk, walking far from Harry far from anyone, in my own world. Knowing that the man I was going to marry soon was in a bar kissing some slut.

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