Saved but still trapped ( Zayn Malik Fanfic )

Kayleigh Rims is 17and is abused by her father life has been like this since her mother died three years ago. When Kaileigh's best friend Claire gets two front row tickets to a one direction concert Kayleigh sneaks out to see them knowing the consequences that will follow. She doesn't care she just want to see the five boys she's loved since x factor. While waiting for the boys to come out Eleanor comes out and mentions the raffle tickets everyone was handed on their way in. Only one person wins and can't bring any one with them. What happens when Kayleigh's raffle ticket happens to be the winning ticket? And she has Love at first sight with one of the boys?


20. Chapter 15


Cat's P.O.V

     Today Harry and I are going on a double date with Kayleigh and Zayn to the mall. Kayleigh and I were getting ready I was wearing a cream colored strapless crop top with a purple, a pink floral skirt, a gold necklace with a flower, a jean jacket, and tan ankle boot heels with laces with my hair curled and down.

     Kayleigh wore spaghetti strapped crop top that was blue at the top then faded into pink at the bottom, a black high-low skirt with a small gold belt, gold sandals, and a sock bun.

     A few minutes later we were at the mall. Harry had my hand and was swinging it back and forth in his as we walked around. Harry had on a green beanie with brown contact and Zayn had on his black hat with blue eye contacts so they won't get recognize. Kayleigh and I just wore contacts she wore grey contacts and I wore brown contacts.

     We walked into forever 21 without being noticed awesome. Harry was still swinging my hand back and forth and Zayn had his arm around Kayleigh's waist they were giggling and Zayn looked like he was biting his lip looking at Kayleigh trying not to kiss her. As I laughed turning back to look at Harry he didn't hesitate he leaned right in and kissed me real quick.

     As we walked out of forever 21 Kayleigh and I both holding a bag I wasn't paying attention and bumped into a girl in front of me. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry" I stumbled as I helped her pick up her bags. As I looked up I almost screamed "Gabby!!!" I dropped her bags and hugged her. She didn't hug back I let go. "Are you ok?" I asked confused. "Oh yeah like I'm going to hug when I found you making out with my boyfriend before I left!" she whisper yelled trying to stay quiet. Zayn and Kayleigh looked at Harry, Gabby and me lost. My eyes widened "I saw it that's why I left I ran out to see Harry after you two went to the store and he was leaning in and kissed you!" "Wait a minute don't blame Cate its my fault I leaned in I kissed her not her." Harry calmly said trying to calm things down. "Still Harry you kissed HER!" She jabbed her finger at me. "And you!" She turned to Kayleigh "what did I do I only knew you for a couple hours before you left" Kayleigh was now completely lost. "I never liked you Perrie was better she caused less trouble she wasn't such a slut!" Kayleigh stood there shocked. Zayn looked angry as he tightened his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him. "How would you know anything about her when you never got to know her!" Zayn yelled clearly mad. "Because her dad told me how she killed her own mum" she smiled. Kayleigh looked up with tears in her eyes. "I did not kill my own mum and how did you here that?!" "your dad told me I mean I am the one that snatched you when you stepped out of the tour bus alone and brought you to your dad" "YOU DID WHAT??!! Harry, Zayn, and I yelled at the same time. She smiled and looked at Kayleigh "Daddy wants you back home Kayleigh and you will go home whether you like it or not." she turned around and walked away. Zayn's fist were tightened as Kayleigh was holding back tears. "Lets get back to the bus" Harry said looked worried at Zayn.

Zayn's P.O.V

     As soon as we got on the bus and took out our contacts and Harry and I took off our hats Kayleigh sat next to me on the couch and burst into tears in my shoulder as I pulled her onto my lap. Harry went to call management and tell them what happened to get more body guards. "Shhhh Kayleigh it's ok I can promise you I will do ANYTHING  to not let him or her hurt you or take you back to his house I can't risk losing you." I whispered in her ear while rubbing her back. I looked up and noticed her were the only ones in the room. I felt her arms tighten around my neck as she cried. " I-I don't wa-wa want to l-l-l lose you Z-Z-Zayn." she managed to say between sobs. "You won't love" I kissed her forehead. I felt the bus move then Paul came in "we are moving early to Houston Texas cause of Kayleigh's dad I'll tell the others" Paul told me as he saw Kayleigh crying then walking to the back to tell everyone else. "This ride will be 21 hours" I felt Kayleigh nod as I told her. Just as I told her Paul rushed in the room "I van has been following us for an hour we are going straight back to London and canceling the rest of the tour we can't risk Kayleigh!" I nodded and pulling Kayleigh closer to me as we laid down on the couch with her on the inside me on the outside. "I love you Kay" I whispered and kissed her " I loved you to Zayn" Kayleigh sniffed as I pulled away. I went back in to kiss her I loved her so much she wouldn't understand I can't lose her she's everything to me. I pulled away after a minutes and kissed her forehead as we fell asleep on the sofa on the way to the airport.

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