The Confused And Lonely Child

This story is about a young girl who has been brought up by nasty parents who don't care about there daughter. The main character is Poppy and she is 9 years old. Everyday Poppy is left to fend for herself while her mum, Mandy, and her dad, John, are out getting drunk and getting into trouble by the police. Poppy believes that there is only one person who cares about her and that is her teacher, Miss Rose. She has always wanted a better life and she has waited for years and years for it to happen and it hasn't happened. Maybe her luck is about to change.


3. What She Always Wanted.

When Miss Rose came back from the head teachers office she had  supply teacher with her and called Poppy out again. "Poppy" she said "Please can you just come with me for a second". Poppy started to climber out of her seat and started walking to the door, trying to hold in her tears. "Everyone this is Miss Huges and she will be taking over the lesson today because I have some important work to do, so be on your best behaviour please and I will see you tomorrow".

When they walked into the head teachers office Poppy was met with the warm smiles of the kind people that were in the room. "Hello Poppy I am Sandra and this is my working partner John. Do you know who we are and what we do?" said Sandra in a kind caring way. "No" Poppy said shyly. "Are my parents going to get in trouble" exclaimed Poppy. "No dear we are just going to have a little talk with them and ask them what has happened. we are also going to ask you the same questions  and ask you what has gone on. Is that ok". "Ye" Poppy sobbed. "Right the first thing that we are going to ask is, how did you get that black eye?" "My dad punched me because I said something I shouldn't of".

Meanwhile, while Poppy was answering the questions in the head teachers office her mum and dad were in the house getting hammered. A little while later the police came round and was banging on the front door. "POLICE OPEN UP" said one of the police men shouted. "What are they doing banging on our door" Mandy said. They both looked at each other and then shouted "POPPY" at the same time.

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