The Confused And Lonely Child

This story is about a young girl who has been brought up by nasty parents who don't care about there daughter. The main character is Poppy and she is 9 years old. Everyday Poppy is left to fend for herself while her mum, Mandy, and her dad, John, are out getting drunk and getting into trouble by the police. Poppy believes that there is only one person who cares about her and that is her teacher, Miss Rose. She has always wanted a better life and she has waited for years and years for it to happen and it hasn't happened. Maybe her luck is about to change.


1. The Black Eye.

 "Come on Poppy you are going to be late for school" shouted her mum, Mandy, at the top of her voice. "but mum I have told you I don't feel very well" Poppy said stumbling down the stairs. "Tuff you are going to  school weather you are ill or not. Now go and get ready for school, I want you down these stairs in 5 minutes sharp!". While Poppy turned to go up the stairs she took a glance at her dad, john, sitting on the sofa with a can of bear in his hands. He was very drunk. When she came down, after she had got dressed, her dad looked at her and said "Besides we have better things to do like..." but before her dad could even finish his sentence Poppy interrupted and said..."ye like getting drunk". With that her dad stumbled out of the sofa and went and punched Poppy right in the eye. Poppy stumbled to the floor and shed into tears. Her mum flung open the door and bellowed "GET IN THE CAR, NOW". Then she pointed to the rusty old car at the bottom of their overgrown garden.

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