Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


8. Chapter 8 - Troublemaker




Niall gave me one quick look when i came in and then hug me tight.

I can't even speak but let him hug me. The door shut close and i start to sob. Niall and i stand like this for about 5 miniutes and said nothing just completly silence and the sound of my sobbing.

I took his hands and let him to his bed. We sat there and looked eachother into watery eyes.

His blue eyes just seem like real water. Like he was drowned in tears.

"What happened?", he wanted to know. I shook my head.

"Nothing Niall, just Girls-things... So why had i found you this morning crying?", i asked.

"I...I lost her", he sobbed.


"My little cousin... She was just sixteen and... and", he started to sob again and i felt his pain.  I stroke his cheek and hug him again. I let him sob and crying. I felt dumb. I bet every directioner could help him now and cheer him up. But you know what, i don't even know him. I'm not in the postion to cheer him up.

"She was at a party and was found dead the next morning... She was ill you know", he whispered more to himself.

"Niall, i'm sorry..", i respond and my voice breaked. I hold him tight.

"It's just.. Me and her.. sometimes she was like my bestfriend. She often told me to never give up. She knew she could die anytime but she never cared. She always told me to live for the moment, to never give up", his voice was raspy now from crying.

I can't say anything. It was just to much. I felt his pain and wanted to cry too but i tried not to.

"The problem is i can't just say goodbye to her. I don't want her to leave.."

"But she always knew that she hasn't got enough time. And i think she accept it. Niall, it's destiny and I'm sure she'll wait for you... It's important that you'll never give up", i whispered.

He nod and cried even more. I know i should say something else but i can't. I wasn't good in that kind of things.

"Is there something i could do for you Niall?"

He said nothing and just cried. Maybe he didn't know the anwer too.

"Do you want to watch a movie or eat something?"

He nod in respond and looked me in the eyes again. "Let's cook something", he suggested.

I narrowed my eyes but just nod. He stood up slowly and took my hand. We went hand in hand to the kitchen and i know it must felt weird but it didn't. It felt good. More than that... just right.

"Do you want to bake something?", i wanted to know. He smiled and i took that as a yes.

We started to make a choclate cake. I know not very special but i like choclate so why not.

When we start to mix everything up, Niall start to sing and i stopped mixing and looked at him. He was deep in thoughts. I can't belive how good he sound.

"Give me love like her,
'Cause lately I've been waking up alone.
Paint splatted tear drops on my shirt,
Told you I'd let them go.
And that I'll find my corner,
Maybe tonight I'll call ya,
After my blood turns into alcohol,
No I just wanna hold ya
", he sung and i bite down my bottom lip.

"Give me love, Ed sheeran..", i said and he stopped singing and looked me into the eyes.

"Yeah", he respond without breaking eyecontact.

"I like the song..", i told him and try to smile but he just seemed so sad. It was nearly heartbreaking... I sighed and end my work and turned around where i put the cake into the oven. I looked up ant noticed nearly everywhere was flour.

What the hell? And where is Niall?

I turned around and heard a "Boo!" I jumped in shock and threw some flour over him. Niall gave me a shocked look. His whole face was full of flour and his blond hair were now white.

His blue eyes looked strange and like crystal blue sapphires. He looked so funny. I start to laugh.

"Oh.. shit.. sorry", i start to apologize but interrupted myslef with laughing all the time.

"You.. you look so funny", i explained. He gave me a smirk and i can't stop laughing. I barely can't breath.

Suddenly i felt something wet and sticky into my hair. Niall stood infront of me and had opened a egg on top of my hair. My mouth stood open unbelieving.

"Okay, that means war!", i screamed and threw the rest of the egg onto him.

He chase after me with the milk in his hand. I had handfull of meal and try to hit him with it.

We chased eachother for about 10 minutes when i suddelny slipped onto milk. I fall down hard and grabbed Niall by his shirt. We both screamed and then giggled.

Niall laid beside me between the food. His face was full of flour and egg and i knew i didn't look better either. But on the other side he looked really adorable with the flour like pouder in his hair.

"Best foodfight ever and that mean something", he laughed.

"Yeah it was and now i'm full of nearly everything and thats your fault Horan!", i complained and slapt him softly.

"Hey, you started!", he protest and get hold of my hand. I looked at him and smile wide.

His sticky finger intertwined with mine and he looked at them interested. His thumb stroke across my hand and it made me smile. He made me smile.

"Jane?", he asked.


"Do you have feelings for any of us guys?" I narrowed my eyes and felt stupid.

"I don't know", i whispered. And it was true. And i can't think when he looked at me with his blue eyes.

"You know, you should find out?" I nod and try to smile.

Suddenly I heard some laughing and the frontdoor opened. There were footsteps and suddenly the rest of the boys came in.

"What the fuck?!", i heard Louis yelling. Niall gave me a smirk and stood up. He helped me standing up too and i gave my best not to slip again. All of the other boys stand there and looked a bit shocked.

"Erm, we had kind of a foodfight", he explained and laughed. I giggled and feel myself blushing. I must looking like shit. Full of food.

"Jane, you're here too?", Harry asked. I looked up to him. He shoot me a cold glare and I get goosbumps. I nod and focued onto the dirty floor.

"But i think i should go... you know deal with some things", i said and get out of the kitchen.

What did i do to upset Harry? I mean he let me standing in the club alone like an idiot?! And now hes angry at me? He didn't even talk to me?!

"Hey! Wait!" Niall screamed, "You should stay the night and change into somehthing more... clean" His hand found mine and hold it tight.

"I don't know, i mean i have to go to work and everything", i tried to convince him. Lie. Bis lie. Tomorrow i'm off. One of the best things of my job i don't have to work everyday as long as i finished my work until one define day.

"One of us could drove you, you know? Or Paul? Or one of our drivers?", he replied and i shrugged. I don't want to stay if i'm unwelcome.

"And i don't know when the cake i ready!"

I sighed and nod. Niall can't anything for my little dispute with Harry. He took my hand and lead me to his room while the rest of the boys kept starring at me. I turned my head and winked at Liam who gave me a nice smile.



I woke up and felt like a slut again. Four boys in three nights. And still a virgin. Good one Jane. Really good one. What means not really a virgin but thats another story...

I stood up and looked at sleeping Niall and sighed. He was so nice and i really like him. But i don't know...

I scratched my head. I get my clothes and narrowed my eyes. Okay, i can't change into them, they were full of food. What to do next? I couldn't wake him up, could i?

I hate it to wake people up especially when they look so cute?! I bite down my bottom lip and spin through the room. Okay Jane calm the fuck down!

I tiptoe over to him and looked down onto him. I tipped at his shoulder once but he just growned and turned around. I tipped him 10 times more but he didn't do me the favor and woke up. Then suddelny i had a stupid idea. Maybe i just should kiss him awake.

I bite down my bottom lip again and looked at the clock and decide to just do it. Maybe it would help and i can go. I have to finish my new home.

I leant down and kiss him onto the cheek but just at the moment he turned to me again and i touched his lips. I want to beck away but suddenly one of his hands get hold of my neck and pressed me down. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss.

I wasn't able to think for a moment. Okay, Jane what are you doing here?!

I opened my eyes again and begged away.

"Sor-sory, i just meant to ki-kiss you cheek a-and then you-u turned..", i stuttered and blushed. He just gave me a cheeky smile and a wink which nearly made me lean in again. But i had myself under control... i thought.

"So what do you need?", he asked with a sexy sleepy voice.

"You know work", i stuttered. LIE! But i'm a pretty good liar, so he just noticed. He gave me one of his sweetpants and one of his shirts. I thanked him and wanted to go but he wanted to drive me. When we got down at the living room Harry sat at the couch and watched TV.

I tried to smile at him but as soon as he noticed me his lips pressed toghether into a small line.

He ignored me and greeted Niall.

"Morning", i whispered but he just gave me the cold shoulder and I felt tears shot up my eyes.

Don't cry Jane! Not here! Not now!

I bite down my bottom lip and sighed in relief as we made our way out of their house.

When we arrived at the car Niall hold the door open for me just like a real gentleman.

I sent him a smile and sat down into the expensiv car.

He start to drive and turn on the music. It was Olly Murse - Troublemaker.

Niall start to sang and it didn't took long when i sang along with him.

"Why does it feel so good and hurt so bad, Mama keep tellung me -?", i sang and noticed Niall stopped. He just looked at me and  smiled at me.

"What?", i asked and gave him a confused look.

"You sound good, really good!"

I blushed and stare at the road.

"Next time you have to bend of", i replied and blushed even harder.

"Hey! Don't be ashamed!", he said and i felt his hand grabbing mine and squeazed it.

He stopped right before my house and i squeazed his hand.

"Thank you Niall, you're a really good friend", i thanked him.

I looked into his eyes and saw something was suddeenly wrong. I didn't know why but i knew i was the reason...

"You're welcome", he replied and faked a smile. One, that didn't rech his eyes.

I turned off and narrowed my eyes. What the fuck is wrong? I shook my head and tried not to think about it.

I reached my floor and pick up my phone. I think i have to clear up some things.


To Harry:

Come over, we have to talk - Jane


I wated 15 full minutes until he wrote back.


To Jane:

Be there at 4 - Harry


Good Styles. Troublemaker still was into my ears. Yeah Jane, you're a troublemaker.


I know it's not that good but i'm sick and wanted to update :) Also i was so happy about the comments si just wanted to write again! And i need a filler anyway!

So what are you thinking? And sorry for the mistakes, i try my best to avoid them.

Zane/ Jayne, Hane/ Jarry, Liane/ Jame, Jiall/ Nane or Jouis / Lousane?

Love you all! xx

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