Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


7. Chapter 7 - To many thoughts


To many thoughts


His hands made their way up to my bum and squeeze it. I moan slightly and then he crushed his lips down.

I moaned and open my mouth for him. He smiled and i jumped onto him. I bite down his bottom lip and he moaned. His tongues made his way in my mouth. He laid me down onto the bed when we suddenly heard footsteps.


"Liam? Mate?", someone yelled. Liam sighed and let go off me. I gave him a shy smile and roll off the bed.

Liam walked out off the room and let me alone. I get his boxer and the shirt and changed into them fast. They smell good and they are really comfy. I heard a knock on the door and Liam showed up again.

"Who was it?", i asked.

"Just Louis..", he answered and smiled wide at me. Within two steps he stood right before me and slung his arms around me. I giggled and let him hug me.

"You smell good", he whispered into my ear and felt his hot breath. I giggled even more and put my arms around his neck. I stood on my tiptoe and peck his lips.

His hands wander down to my bum again. I jumped up and he carried me to the bed. He let me down and i laid on the bed. He stripped down to underwear and laid down next me.

I felt the bed dipping and his warm body beside me.

I opened my eyes and looked into his choclate brown eyes.

His thumb stroke over my bottom lip and i smiled. "You know how beautiful you are, don't you?", he suddenly wanted to know and broke the romantic silence. I shook my head.

"You are", he insured and leant in and kissed me with his soft lips. It wasn't like Zayns passionate kisses, Liams were more loving. He want to make me feel something... Zany jaust wanted... Sex.

"You make me feel safe Liam... I like this... i really do!", i whispered.

He smiled wide and his hands find my waist. He hold me tight and kissed my forehead. I sighed and closed my eyes. I inhale his smell and start to get calm.

It was just 7 in the morning when i woke up. Liams hands hold me still tight and i cuddled close. I really like him. He is so carring.

Suddenly it hit me. It's Monday! Shit! I tried to stand up without waking him up. I changed quickly and stood there for moment and looked at him. He seemed so peacefully when he slept.

I took out a piece of paper and wrote him a message.

Morning, I'm sorry that i  just disappeared but i have to go to work. Last night was really nice.

Thank you for everything, Jane

I fold it and put it onto his pillow. I gave him a last smile and then exit the room. I hope i won't meet any of thiese guys.

When i walked down the hall i heard sniffeling. I stopped for a moment and sigh. 

Why did i always make myself problems?

I get to the room and knock on it. The door opened slowly and i saw Niall with red and puffy eyes.

"Jane? You are here?", he asked confused when he noticed me. I nod and gave him a smile.

"You need someone to talk?", i asked him. He just nod and i gave him big hug. His face dissappeared into my hair.

"Listen Niall, i have to work but i could come afterwards and we could spent the evening?"

He just nod and hold me tight to him. I felt his tears at my neck. I don't want to leave him like this but i have no choice. I kissed his cheek and he let go of me.

"I'm sorry Niall..", i said and walked off.

Okay, what the hell was this?!


I just manage it, to not being late and start to work quickly.

I just worked here a few weeks. First they just want to see wheather i'm good enough and i am so they gave me the job.

I loved my job but today i just can't concentrate. I always thought off Liam. He was so sweet and carring. But then theres Harry. I bite down my lip. I knew Harry didn't cheat on me but it just hurt that he doesn't have feelings for me. Because honestly i really like him.

"Jane? Hellooo? Earth to Jane?", someone said.

"Hmm?", i asked and my head shoot up. A pretty girl with red hair showed up and smiled at me. She has bright blue eyes and black nerd glasses. She gave me a big smile.

"Hey, i'm Melody. I work here too as a assistant director. I mentioned you and the others said you were new here. Everybody was crazy about you Jane. Do you want to eat with me for lunch?", she introduced herself and giggled.

"I would love to", i answered shy and smile back, she just nod and dissapered.

I go back to work and was lost in thoughts again.

Then there is Zayn too, who definitelyhas something but he is a dick. Oh god.. What was i doing? I mean, i'm not even a fan okay?!

"Jane! Stop working! Time for lunch", i heard Melody screaming, breaking my thoughts.

Lunch with Melody was really nice, she worked here for two years and lived in London since her childhood. She was full of energy and laughed all the time. She let me forget all my problems and we two really get along. She just lived two blocks away from me and suggested to help me with the cartons and everything. She told me about her ex boyfriend and how they broke up and i wonder why she trusted me that much.

After work i get at home and changed into some other clothes. I wear a dark blue long pullover and a lace leggins. I looked down at my phone and noticed i have 6 new messages.

One from Liam, saying he wanted to do something like that soon, which made me smile wide and blush.

Four from Harry, he said, that he wanted to talk and that he is sorrry for just dissapearing.

And last one message from my brother who wanted to meet me.

I bite down my bottom lip and sigh. I braided my hair to the left side and make my way bake to their house.


I rang the second time when Zayn opened the door. His messy hair looked damm sexy and he smiled down at me.

"Hey sweetheart", he greeted me and i just gave him the cold shoulder and walked away.

"Where is the rest?", i wanted to know.

"They went to studio and me and Niall wanted to stay at home... Jane whats wrong?"

I just shrugged and looked down. His hands cup my face and made me looking him into his dark eyes.

"Tell me Jane", he whispered. I stood there for a moment and stop breathing. I searched after something in his eyes. Was he really that stupid?!

I made a step back and shook my head.

"My problem.. My problem is that you nearly fucked me while you have a girlfriend?! My problem is that i trusted you...", i whispered and try to be strong. I wanted to yell at him. I wanted him to feel my pain. But i just can't. The tears start to form in my eyes and i looked up from the floor and into his eyes.

"My problem is that i thought you were not just a stupid asshole who cheat onto his girlfriend. Look Zayn, i feel like i am the reason for your break up with her okay?"

He seemed to be shocked but i don't care anymore.

"You know what Zayn, just leave me alone... just be honest with your girlfriend!"

The tears streamed down my face, i turn around and knocked on Nialls door.

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