Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


5. Chapter 5 - The morning after


The morning after


I heard the sound of a rustling. I moaned and turned around not willing to stand up. I was really tired and so damm exhausted. I can't remember whats up but i really felt weird. But in agood way i think.

I felt the bed dipping down again and a simple kiss on my forhead. I didn't want to open my eyes because i didn't want to know who kissed me.

"Jane?", someone whispered. I groaned and backed away. I heard some steps and the door closing. I cuddled into my bed again and feel comfty. The pillow smells so good. After this special men shampoo. Wait... man?! But suddenly it hits me.

This wans't my bed. I eyes flew open and i sit up straight. OMG!

Oh no..  what the the hell have i done?! This was the room of Zayn. OMG! I slept in the room of Zayn!? Worse, i made things out with him. Shit!

I ran out of his room and heard some laughings. I stopped. Okay, what next. If there is Harry then i have a problem. The biggest problem ever. I made a ponytail quickliy and get into the kitchen where Zayn stood and made some eggs. Niall sits at the table and already ate. No Harry. I sigh happily. So he wasn't awake.

I sit down next to him and mumbled a "Good Morning"

"Morning Jane!", he said friendly.

Zany winked at me and put some eggs infront of me.

"Do you need help Zayn?", i asked shyly. I don't know how to act i mean... Are we something now? Was this just... fun? Did Niall already know?

"No, everythng alright", he meant and winked again. AHHH!

I looked down at the eggs and don't know what to do. I hate to eat infront of boys.

"If you won't ate them, i will!", Niall mentioned suddenly.

I gave him the half of my eggs and start to eat.

It was really good and i started to wonder why Zayn could cook this delicous.

Suddenly Harry came in and i coughed hard. Niall gave me a confused look and then smiled mischievous.

"What?", i wanted to know.

"Nothing. Just nothing", he chuckled.

"Morning Jane! I didn't noticed that you stood up", Harry greeted me.

"Sorry, sometimes i'm kind of a early bird", i excused myself and looked down. Good for me i'm kind of a good liar. I blushed deeply and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. I bite down my lip and looked up at the others who were deeply into a conversation.

I was so confused. I didn't know how to act.  And the questions didn't stop!

DoesZayn have feelings for me? Do I have feelings for him... I don't know. I mean he was such a mystery.. and then theres Harry who is cute too....

Suddenly Louis and Liam came into the kitchen. I stopped to breath for a moment when i saw Liam only in his sweatpants. My mouth gets dry and i glared down at my plate again. Whats wrong with me!?

Okay Jane! Calm the fuck down!

"Hey Zayn, is Perrie coming today?", Liam wanted to know.

"No, we kind of have a conflict..", Zayn answered.

"Who is Perrie?", asked and felt five pairs of eyes at me. I  suddenly felt really stupid.

"Ehm... That is Zayns girlfriend..", Niall respond.

My eyes widen and i my head start to spin. I can't answer. I can't think. I was.. empty.

"Wow, thats.. nice?", i meant calmy nearly toneless.

"Yeah, Louis and Liame have girlfriends, too. Their names are Eleanor and Sophia."

This was to much. For the rest of the breakfast i stayed calm. I mean i have no problem with them having girlfriends. But i have a problem with them seeing me barely naked AND having girlfriends. I was so stuck in my own thoughts now. I'm u slut. A dirty slut. Maybe it was my fault that Zayn and Perrie have a fight? Ah.. And then theres Harry.. Oh my good... What did i get myself into?!

Theall boys went back to make stuff.

I went to Harrys room and get my things. I just pulled my pullover over my  head when Harry came into the room. I blushed deeply and looked at him.

"I like it when you styled your hair like this", i heard him saying. He wrapped his hand around me from behind and i gasped.

"Harry... i.. I have to go now", i stuttered.

"Now?", he asked and snuggeled his nose into my neck. I inhale sharply and tunred around.

"Do you know what i wanted to do yesterday?", he asked. I shook my head and backed away. 

"I just wanted to leave.. okay?" I avoid eyeconatact. And bit down at my lips.

"Whats wrong?"

His hand lift up my chin and he saw thte tears that built up in my eyes.

I shook my head even harder and make a step backwards.

I get out of the room and left a starring Harry alone.

After two or three seconds i heard him follow me.

"Jane? Talk to me!"

I get my shoes and run out of the house.

The tears start to stream down my face but i didn't allow myself to get slow. My feets already hurt but i can't mind.

I heard him still following me and i get faster.

"Jane!?", he yelled but i was already gone.

Shitty morning after.



Authors Note:

Hey everyone! I just want to thank for the friendly comments and the 2 hearts! They make me jump in my room up and down and smile and aww! I'm just happy, smiling like an idiot!

I'm sorry for this short chapter but i need a filler and i love drama!

Oh and i want to know, who do you ship most after her first meeting the boys?

Zane/ Jayne, Hane/ Jarry, Liane/ Jame, Jiall/ Nane or Jouis / Lousane? :)



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