Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


4. Chapter 4 - What am i doing here?!


What am i doing here?!

warning: smut


"Kiss Jane"

I looked up from the ground and my gaze met his. He stood up and sit at front of me.

He smile slightly and i didn't have the chance to smile back before one of his hands get hold of my neck. He leant in and kissed me. My Eyes shut close and fuck i enjoyed this kiss.

His tongues licked over my bottom lip and i open them for him.


One of his hands made his way down my waist. He bring me nearer to him and i hold back a moan.

"Get a room", suddenly somebody yelled. We both storm out and look at the rest of the groupe. Louis started to laugh and the rest awkardly laughed with him. I blushed and look at the ground.

"I think we didn't do something wrong?", he said.

Niall shook his head and Zayn spin the bottle.

We played a few rounds and it was all fun. I never thought i twould be so much fun being around this guys. But after kissing Zayn i felt a little bit strange. Not because of the kiss. That was really BOOM. I still feel his hand on my waist and his lips on mine. But because of the other boys and most because of Harry. I thought there was something between us. A little Sparkle.

But maybe i'm the only one who feel this.

"Earth to Jane?", Louis asked.

"Wh-what?", i asked confused.

"It's your turn! Truth or dare?"


"Oh no! You can't get this again", he whimpered.

"Fine. Dare." I press my lips together.

"Jump into our pool."

"No", i protested and stand up.

"Come on! Oh and do it naked"

My mouth drops.


"You heard me!"

"You have a girlfriend Louis", Liam defend me. I cross my arms and looked at them

"Non of your buisness Payne", he respond.

"What if she'll does it. But with her underwear on and your girlfriend won't know. Deal?"


I haven't the time to protest. I have a problem with pools. Or swimming. Or water. Because i can't swim and personal reasons..

We all got out quickliy. It was dark outside and i saw their house stands at hill above London. Only the Poollight was shining. I slowly strip down to my underwear and try to hide myself. Maybe i could find a way not to jump.

Also, as i already mention i'm fat. They all stare at my body for what seems like hours.

"Nice body hear", Louis said.  I blushed deeply.

"Thanks", i whispered. Was that sarcasman or the truth?

I sigh and stood at the Pool. There is no way back. I could tell them i don't want to swim because i can't swim. But then i have to tell them why and that's my secret. I don't want anyone to know. I feel the tears build up in my eyes. Hopefully noone noticed them.

"Wait! I jump with you!", Harry suddenls shouted and strip down to his underwear. I look at him shooked. Maybe he felt the Sparkels too?

I looked down at the pool. He stood next to me and get hold of my hand.

I gasp and feel his sight at me i just gave him a smile.

"At 3! One, two THREE", Louis screamed.

We both jumped into the cold pool. The water washed away my tears and i let go of Harrys hand which was the only warm thing. I quickly get myself at the edge of the pool. I get hold of the stone.

I can't stand so i start to panic a bit. I get out of the pool quickliy and sat down on the floor.

I saw myself at the sea again. I was 5 years old. It was the day of my bithday.

I ran down the beach and screamed loud. "Let me down brother!"

"Never!", he yelled back.

Niall gave me a towl and i tried to smile.

"Guys, i think i have to go..", i said and get my things.

"It was nice to meet you all!"

They stood there perplex. I turned around and started to go on faster.

"Wait", someone yelled. I turn around and see Harry runing towards me. I gave him a confused look.

"You can't go. You're wet and it's so dark!", he explained.

"He's right", Liam mentioned.

"It's okay- "

"Please, stay", Harry cut me off.



I said down onto his king sized bed and can't stop being shocked.

I was in his room. In the room of Harry. HARRY STYLES!!!

It was quite big and nice. There was a big window on one side of his room with a beautiful view over London.

I smiled and stood up. I slightly place my hand at the window. I finally made it. Moving to London at my own flat.

"Why are you smiling?", Harry asked behind me.

"Just thinking of stuff", i answered and turned around.

I nearly bumped into him and gasped. He stood exactly behind me. His curls stroke my cheek.

I looked up into his green eyes and then down at his lips.

He looked down at me and smiled. I focused on his eyes and asked myself how his lips would feel. Soft or not?

"Anything wrong?"

"Everything okay.. just need some sleep"

He sent me smirk and step away. I sigh and realised how nervous he made me.

He hand me over a t-shirt and a boxer and i changed into them.

When i was back Harry laid at his bed already sleeping. I awkardly stood next to his bed and didn't know what to do.

"Come here", he growled and i gasped. I laid next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. He brought me against his chest and i could feel his breath. Goosebump made his way down my back. I closes my eyes shut and pretend to sleep.



The water splashed around us. "Mummy?"

"Daddy, where is Mummy?" My dad looked around himself and narrowed his eyes.

"I have no clue Lo-"

"Daddy! There!", i screamed and saw her struggle over the sea.

I gasped and open my eyes. It was just a dream. I looked down at sleeping Harry. I stood up and get out of his room I need to get fresh air.

When i made my way through the hallway i heard someone yelling at the phone.


Zayn let his phone drop to the floor and screamed frustated.

"Sorry.. i didn't mean to eavesdrop on your... dicussion", i excused and turn on my heels.

"It's fine.. What are you doing here?"

"I can't sleep..."

"Oh okay.... Is it about the thing at the pool?"

"What?", i wanted to know confused.

"Why did you cry at the pool?"

"You mention that?"

He nod and came near. "It.. i... i hate water...", i stuttered and looked down.

"Daddy!", i screamed and tears made their way down my cheeks. Everything went so fast. Everywhere was blood. My mother had a claustrophibic attack and my dad tried to protect her and suddenly there was a swirl and blood because of a shark who tried to survive the swirl and attack my parents. .


"Hey, don't cry!" I felt his thumb stroke over my cheeks. I didn't realised i cried.

He gave me hug and i let him. We both said nothing until he let go of me.

"You wanna talk about it?", he asked. I shook my head.

"Not really...", i answered.

He get hold of my hand and let me to his bed.

"Can i help?", he wanted to know.

"No.. it's about my past. I can't change it anyway"

His fingers stroke my cheeks again and i looked into his worried eyes.

I hold on my breath. This eyes. They made me breathless. I looked down at his lips and want him to kiss me again. Just as bad as i wanted Harry to kiss me before.

He smirk at me slightly.

"I know what you want. All you have to do is to ask..." I open my mouth to protest but then close them fast. His lips came near without kissing me. I felt his breath.
"Could you kiss my pain away?"

He looked down at me again and crashed his lips onto mine. I gasped and made fists at his chest. His hands wander down my waist and i opened my mouth in a moan. His tongues made his way into my moth and fight for dominace.

His hands made their way down my shirt and over my breast. I turn away from his lips and gasp for air.

I laid on my back as his lips made their way down at my neck. He suck at it and i was sure there would be a mark. I pushed him away and he roll over.

I turn over him and started to kiss his neck. I found his sweetspot and made him moan slightly.

I feel his crotch harden and gasp.

"It's okay, i don't mind", he said and give me smile. His lips swollen and red.

I nod and lean in for another kiss. My hand stroke over his erection, making him growl.

He turn me over again and drag my shirt over my head´. He kissed down my body, down my bellybutton. His tongues lick it. 

"Zayn.. I'm not sure", i moaned.

"Relax", he respond.

He took of Harrys boxers and i close my thighs.

"Relax babe", he repeat, "Please open this beautiful legs for me"

I did as he said. He kissed at my thighs slowly, don't missing any spot.

I make fists into the covers.

And then suddenly i feel him kissing me. His tongue was strong. He licked me slowly. I moaned loud and i could feel him smirk.

One of his fingers thrust into me hard and i whimper. I shut my eyes close.

"Oh god..", i moan as he brought me closer. Another of his fingers glid into me and regain speed. His lips close over my clit and suck it deep in.
I moaned louder and grab into his hair, holding him between my thighs. His tongues became faster and his sucks stronger. I feel the orgsam build up and i let go. I screamed his name out loud.

"Are you okay?", he asked and kiss me.

"What are you doing to me?", i mumured breathless.

He chuckled deep and laid down behind me, giving me my boxers.

"You can sleep here", he propose.

I nod as he get hold of my waist and brings me nearer to his chest.

My eyes shut close as i fall asleep.

What am i doing here?!



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