Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


15. Chapter 15 - Bad News


Bad News


We walked through the forest and laughed.

"No really and then i shouted 'Calm down Niall'!" I laughed and wipped the tears from my cheek.

He just told me one story about him and Niall. They just get to know each other and ate together. While Louis and Harry had stolen some of Nialls dessert when he was at the toilet. When he came back he noticed it. And they and up fighting for dessert which ended up into a foodfight.

"Okay, i'll never stole Nialls dessert!", i said. His hand hold mine and i was suprised he wanted to do this. I mean he has every right to hate me. At least i had had something with his bandmates. It was already damm cold and it got dark but i didn't want this day to end. It was just perfect. His hand was the only really warm thing. So sooner or later I started to shiver.

"Are you cold?", he wanted to know and i shook my head. He let go of my hand and put me his beanie on. I gigled and he just winked at me.

"Come we get home", he said. I sighed and followed him out of the forest. I didn't want this day to end. It was so perfect.

"Can you at least hold my hand again?", i protested. He looked back and smirked.

"I know something better to make you feel warm again but at the moment we have to stay like this", he whispered. He stopped and i nearly bumped into him. He grabbed my waist and leant in for a passionate kiss. I froze for a moment but quickly kissed him back. My hands grabbed into his hair and he hold me tight. I felt him smiling into the kiss and can't resist but smiled back. He let go of me after a few minitues of kissing. I sighed a bit dissapointed that it ended so fast. He grabbed my hand again and started to walk.

"Still cold?", he questioned cheekly. My cheeks were shining bright red. I shook my head a little bit perplex. I hate to admit it but he was right, i didn't feel cold anymore.

We arrived at his car and he opened it for me. I smiled at him and he just smirked.

When we arrived at my flat i didn't want to leave him but he had a charity thing with the boys tonight and was already a bit late.

I was really dissapointed that our wonderful day had to end like this.

"Okay, i'll see you", i said and wanted to open the door when i heard a soft 'click'. I tried to open the door but failed. I looked up to Harry who just smirked.


"You have to say goodbye", he said. I gave him a questioning look. He looked at my lips and back at my eyes and i felt myself blushing.

I bite down my bottom lip. I leant in a little and felt his hands either side of my face. My lips stroke over his slowy and i felt him smiling. He wanted to lean in more but i begged away at the same time.

"Hey! No teasing ", he whispered. I smiled and crashed my lips onto his soft ones. My mouth opened for his slowly and i nearly moaned as his tongues stroke over mine. I didn't want this moment to end but i know better. I forced myself to beg away from him and looked him into his emerald eyes.

"Goodbye", i whispered and pecked his lips one last time before i got out of the car.


Next morning was really strange.

Harry had texted me like crazy during the night and i was sure something was wrong. But i had no time to call him or even read one of them, so i just wrote him a quick text asking if everything was okay.

I put my phone back at my bag and got some clothes.

I decide to braid my hair to the side and put a bow into it to hold back a few strands.

I wore a  highwaisted leather skirt and a cute rosé pullover that ususally would show my belly but because of the skirt it doesn't. I was quite happy with the outfit and checked myself  last time before leaving my flat. It snows again and I had a good feeling for today. The streets were quite empty and i thought of the people sitting at home and preparing for work or school. I'm happy i'm done with this school shit. Work was simply better.

I only had to sew up a few costumes before i had finished everything for this season.

When i got into the studio i started to work quickly. I put earphones into my ear and Luckystrike from Maroon 5 started to play. I hummed while sewing.

Harry was so damn cute yesterday, i can't believe he really was that perfect. And he said he liked me. But are we really a thing?

Like dating? Or am i just this girl he likes and kisses when he is bored?

I felt a sharp pain in my finger and hissed. A little blood drop formed on my index finger and i put it into mouth.

"Jane!", someone yelled and i turned around.


I stood up to gave her a hug. She giggled.

"You have to explain something to me!", she said. I furrowed my eyebrows. She pushed her elbow slightly in my belly and smirked.

"You and One direction", she whispered. Her eyebrows went up and down and i sighed.

"What do you mean?", i asked innocent. She rolled her eyes and smiled even wider.

"Whatever. You know what, i need you the weekend for shopping! Are you off?", she asked.

I nod excited.

"What do you need?", i wanted to know.

"Just.. everything..", she stuttered and suddenly her smile fade. She looked down at the ground.

"What do you mean?"

"My.. boyfriend. You remember we broke up.. He just came and messed everthing up. He was so furious", she whispered. I noticed her eyes getting wide and mine too.

"Wait! He came to your home?", i asked a bit confused and shocked. She nod and i saw how she fought against the tears.

"How often did he came?", i whispered.

"A few times. I stopped counting", she said and started to play with her light Jeans shirt.

I grabbed her wrists and she hissed quietly. I gasped and let go. I looked up into her eyes and saw the fear i alredy know to good. Slowly, afraid of hurting her again i pushed the sleeves up. I gasped when i saw dark blue and green bruises.

"Melody", i whispered, "did he..?" She just nodded and i felt tears froming in my eyes.

"You can't stay where you live now!"

She shook her head and put her wrists down.

"It's okay. I needed new clothes anyway", she said and smilled at me. But i could see she is lying. I knew she need help. I needed help years ago and noone helped me. And now i'm here. Trying to hold my broken pieces together. I wish someone had help me. Melody started to walk aways from me. I grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.

"You can stay at mine till everything is alright again", i whispered while hugging her.

I felt her sobbing against my shoulder. She was already broken. I knew how she felt. My heart clenched by the sound of her sobbing. She finally let go and looked into my eyes.

"Thank you", she murmured.

"Got all your things during the break and come with me after work", i said and smiled.

"I got a car", she mentioned and i giggled. She smiled and turned around, walking back to her office. I got back to work too and finished just in time. So we just need the fitting with the actors and it's ready. It was already 7pm.

I got up to look after Melody. I walked down the dark hall and noticed a door with her name on it. I knocked and heard a tiny voice saying 'come in'.

I opened it and saw her behind a big desk writing something down. She looked concentrated and i didn't want to disturb her.

"Just one minute", she told me. I nod and looked around her office.

It was really nice. One little window behind the desk  and big canvas at the walls.

Two little suitcases stood next to the window. She stood up and grabbed them both. I got her bag and we walked out of the theater. We reached her car and put the suitcases into it.

"I promise i won't stay long!", she mentioned.

"Stay as long as you have to. Just.. please don't let me regret this", i answered.

She started the car and gave me a weird look.

"What do you mean?"

"Remember the thing with One direction you mentioned earlier?" She nod and smiled at me.

"Well.. that's a bit complicated. I swear, it's not like it might look like!", i said.

She just giggled.

"I'm sure i won't judge you. How could i? Look what are you doing to me!", she answered and i chuckled. We got to my flat and got out of the car. We brought her things into my flat. 

"I'm sorry i just can offer my bed or the couch", i said and smiled.

"The couch is fine", she simply answered.

I made her a cup of tea and we sat down at my couch.

"So tell me about you and the boys", she said. I sighed.

I started to tell her the story. Like the whole story about me and the boys. Her eyes got wide during my story but she didn't interrup me once. When i finished she gave me a shocked look. I looked away and felt ashamed.

"Oh...", she just said.

"Yeah oh..", i replied. She started to grin an hugged me.

"What?", i wanted to know shocked.

"I'm happy for you and Harry. And he is right, you're not a whore!" I giggled.

"Wait so you say they could show up any minute?", she asked a bit shocked.

"Basically yes. But i don't think so", i answered when i saw her face. She giggled and hugged me again.

"Are you a fan or something?", i wanted to know.

"I was but i got over it when their second album came out", she said and i nod. 

We watched some movies when suddenly my phone rang. I gave Melody a apologizing look and got into the kitchen.

"Hello?", i answered the phone.

"Melody! Why didn't you reply to any of my damn messages!", Harry yelled. I gasped and nearly dropped my phone.

"I'm sorry.. I-"

"Just leave it", he breathed and i bite down my bottom lip. I hate when people yell at me.

"So what's wrong?", i asked after a few seconds of silence.

"It's the news and the paps", he answered.

"What about them?"

"Didn't you read them?!"


"Can i come over?", he wanted to know.

"I've got someone here", i respond.


"A friend from work. She is staying the night"

"Okay. Can we meet tomorrow?", he asked and i heard he wasn't happy. I nod and realized at the same moment that he can't see me.

"Sure", i whispered. He sighed.

"Jane.. I'm sorry for yelling at you"

"It's okay. I gotta go", i said.

"It's not. Please don't be mad", he begged.

"See you tomorrow. Bye", i replied and hung up. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

How could he yell at me because of news?! I mean how bad could they be?

I bite down my bottom lip. I was used to people yelling at me but Harry..

I sighed and got to the living room.

Melody already fall asleep snoring quietly. I smiled at her and cover her with a blanket.

I got into my bedroom and changed into my PJs. I sat on to my bed and got my phone.

At first i googled 'Harry Styles news'. Suddenly tons of articels appeared. I gasped at the headlines.

'Harry and his dirty little secret'

'Harry Styles and the mysterios girl'

'One direction singer and the 'band whore''

'Twitter fight because of the mysterios girl'

I clicked at some of them and was shocked.

The paps stalked me for quite a while. They've saw me with Harry in Starbucks and at their home. They saw me running at home. They saw me crying. They noticed Harry with that girl of the club and thought we had a secret relationship and he cheated on me.

They got photos from me and Liam before my door. 'Liam Payne comforted her the whole night'.

They even got some pictures from yesterday of me and Harry sitting in his car and kissing.

I felt the tears on my cheeks. I stopped crying for a long time and now i got to the point where i had to again.

Why? Why is everyone so upset about this band?!

I clicked on to the headline 'Twitter fight because of mysterios girl'. It was written just today.

Oh my god.

A few girls posted some shit about me and that they hate me for being together with Harry. They named me a slut and a prostitude and that are just the nice one. There were some girls who defend me but i can count them with only one hand.

Some girl has written: "This little piece of shit.. She doesn't deserve anyone of this band! She is going to break their hearts and breake the band! I hate her with all my heart! She should du us all a favor and just die!"

Harry had retweeted her, saying: "Stop this bullshit. If you're a real fan, you'll respect me, the boys and the people we like."

Of course his reaction didn't made any differents. It only caused thousands of tweets more.

I dropped my phone and can't read any other word.

They hate me. They really do. Oh my gosh. I tried to calm my breath but i just can't. I felt myself staring to panic. It's a panic attack. I had a few of these when i was little but they stopped since i was 12.

I sat up and grabbed after a water bottle. I opened it with shaky hand and got one sip.

Sip. Breath in. Sip. breath out. Sip. Breath in.

I calmed down a bit and laid back again. I grabbed a pillow and hugged it tight.

I felt the hot tears running down my cheek.

Haters. I always had people who hate me but i just liked the thought they vanished.

Of course their fans hate me. Look at me. They are right. I should just die.

My sobbing got quieter and my eyes got heavy. I won't be able to take more of this shit. I'm not strong enough. But i like Harry.

I'm not capable of letting him go. I hugged my pillow tighter and fall asleep.


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