Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


14. Chapter 14 - Happily




I woke up and looked up. Harrys eyes were closed and he breathed slowly.

His lips were parted slightly and it was just so cute. His hands were wrapped around me and mine pressed against his chest.

Last night we made out a little but fall asleep soon. I tried not to giggle at the thought of his lips connected to mine. I don't know how long i lied in his arms and only smiled up to him but it just felt good. Suddenly his eyes flew open and he looked down at me.

"Morning beautiful", he said with an unbelievebal hot morning voice.

"Morning" He smiled and leant in for a kiss.

"I need a shower", i whispered between kisses but instead of letting me go he grabbed my hands in one of his and hold them tight. He rolled us over so he sits on top of me. His soft lips put small kisses down my neck and suddenly started to suck.

"Harry!", i gasp and struggeld in his grip but he won't let me go.

"Yes love?", he asked innocent and looked up to me. I forgot what i wanted to say when i saw his messy curls and shining green eyes. It was just to hot. He smirked and continue to kiss me. I knew if he kept sucking at that spot he would leave a mark and i really don't want to hide a hickey.

"Stop Harry", i manage to say.

"Do you really want this?", he asked. I giggled and nod. He stopped and i stood up. I only wore my panties and one of his shirts. I turned around to see him looking at me with he has a smile on his face.


"I think i like to wake up like this" I blushed and tried to hide a giggle.

"So i'll shower then!"

"Can i join?", he wanted to know. I gave him a shocked expression.

"Harry!", i gasp and threw some pillow from the ground after him.

"Sorry, only asked!", he said and i heard him chuckle.

I grabbed my clothes and get into his shower. The hot water was suprisingly welcome.

I closed my eyes and thought about Harry. We didn't have sex but i don't think that bothers him.

At least i hope. And it was just so amazing.

I get out of the shower and rubbed myself dry. I changed into my clothes from yesterday and let  my hair fall open on to my shoulder. 

When i got out of the shower i smell some food and heard my belly rumble. Shit i'm hungry.

I went into the kitchen and saw him making food. He just wear boxers and it was so incredible sexy. I lent at the doorframe and stare at him. I know i'm creepy.

He started to sing quietly and turned around.

"Hey", i greeted him.

"Sit down", he said. I did as he said and watched him giving me some scrambled eggs. I start to eat and have to admmit that it is really good.

"Sorry, i'm not that good at cooking but i can bake", he chuckled.

"What do you mean, it tastes good!"

"Yeah, that's almost everthing i can cook", he told me and i laughed.

"We can work on that!"

"I want to show you something", he suddenly said. I gave him a confused look but nod.

"What?", i asked curious.



Harry waited in his car while i got up and changed into other clothes. He won't tell me where he wanted to go so i just stuck with the few informations he gave me.

Dress normal,  what means normal. Nothing is normal. Normal like in Date-normal or chilling at home-normal or what. I sighed and decided to wear a dark blue jeans and a dark red pullover. I brushed through my hair and let it fall over my shoulders. I grabbed my coat and my boots.

When i got down he waited in his car and i got in.

"I hurried up", i said breathless because of the running. He chuckled and started to drive. After a few minitues of silence i gave up and asked.

"Can we turn the radio on?"

"Sure.. Everything okay?", he asked.

"Yeah, i just don't like the silence. It's scary...", i admit. He laughed.

"What?", i  snapped.

"You're afraid of silence? Like for real?", he wanted to know.

"Yeah? You've got a problem with that?"

"No, sorry i didn't meant it like that", he apologized and laid his hand over my tigh. I calmed down a little bit and sighed.

"Forgotton. Yeah, i'm afriad of silence."

"Why?", he wanted to know and i noticed that his tone changed.

"Not important", i said and heard him sighing.

He left my tigh and my head shoot at his direction. He turned the radio on and Rihanna started to sing. His hand moved back to my tigh and i smiled in relief.

"What are goinig to do after all this?", i wanted to know.

"After what?", he asked.

"This. The band and stuff", i said.

"I don't know. I never really thought about it. Right now i have no reason to end it. And i love it. I'm sure the band will never end. To be honest i think even if we're 50 years old and grumpy we sit together and sing. Maybe with our children and our wifes", he said. I nod.

Maybe he was right. Maybe.

I looked outside the window and watched the landscape went by.

We drove into some wood and i had the strange feeling to recognize it.

We suddenly stopped and got out of the car. Harry grabbed my hand and we start to walk through the snow. The snow reached above my ankle and it was snowing again slowly.

He guided me through the snow and suddenly stops.

"Sorry but you have to walk the rest blind", he said and i shook my head.

"What? No", i respond and blushed.

"Trust me", he whispered and i let him blindfold me. He kissed my cheek and grabbed my waist.

"I swear Styles, if i bump into some tree i'm going to kill you!", i threat.

"I know", he chuckled deeply and i felt the goosbump. He lead me through the thick snow and stopped suddenly.

"Ready?", he whispered. I felt his soft lips at my ear. It was so odd. His voice was huskily and deep but his lips, that creat this sound, were so damn soft.

He put the scarf of my eyes and i sucked in my breath.

"Wow", i whispered. 

We stood int the middle of a circle of trees. Everything was white and just beautiful.

"How did you found this?", i asked while turn around in his ams.

"I came to the lake you showed me and this hill was just there. If the clouds and the fog dissapears you could see London", he explained, "I wanted to show you but then everything so got messd up"

I laughed and slung my hands around him. I tiptoed and kissed him.

"You know you're awsome!", i said and blushed. Fuck i just thought it and then said it.

"I'll do my best", he chuckled and i slapped him playful. He wrapped his hand around my me and interwined our fingers. I leant in and kissed him slowly.

We finally were together happily.


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