Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


13. Chapter 13 - Finally




"Please", i begged out of breath and he suddenly stopped. I giggled. He held himself above me with his elbows. His green eyes looked into mine and i hold onto my breath.

Here we go again Mr. Styles.


He suddenly begged away and sat next to me.

I lied there still for a moment and felt my eyes water. I sat up and brought my knees near my chest. Ouch. I mean it's not that big of suprise. I already knew he doesn't like me in that way. He made clear he wanted to be friends. Friends.I hate to admit it but i don't want to be friends with him. I wanted... I don't know. More?

"Everything okay?", Harry asked nearly shy. I shook my head. Nothing was okay. I felt unwanted and hurt. For god sake what was wrong with me?! I looked at the floor infront of me and tried to calm down but everytime you try to calm down when you are really upset you can't just stop being upset. It only make things worse

"Can i use your bathroom?", i whispered.

"Sure, it's over there", he said and pointed at some door. I stood up and felt him watching me.

When i closed the door i slid down and slowly startet to cry.

Oh my god why are you crying Jane? Deep down i knew why. It would be so simple why can't he just kiss me.. Wait.

Do i want Harry to kiss me? Yes i wanted to. The moment his curls caught my eye in the first night we met i wanted his soft lips touching me and i knew i can't deny it anymore.

I like Harry. In that way.That means more than a friend. I stood up and tried to made myself looking prettier. I wped the mascara from my cheeks and cleaned my face.

I sighed when i finally looked okay. I went back into the living room.

"Are you okay?", he asked.

"I think so.. So you wanted to talk?", i wanted know. He nod and sat beside me.

"Eh.. soo.. i wanted to apologize for the bad news about you and me in the papers", he said. I looked shocked at him. My eyes get wide and i looked at him confused.


"What what? Aren't you avoiding me because of this?", he wanted to know confused.

"No, that's not why i did it", i answered still shocked.

"So why?", he asked. I shook my head in disbelieve.

"You really don't know? It was because of all this trouble with you.. With you guys. You were right when you said i will destroy you. I think i really will. I tried to avoid you and make things better but then Liam showed up... i don't know it was selfish from me to let him near me again. I didn't want to show up again but i forgot all the trouble i caused and here i am sitting at your flat. Another night, another guy. I'm so messed up", i felt the tears in my eyes and looked away. I didn't want to be that honest but i just couldn't stop talking. Harrys eyes get wide and he slung his arms around my shoulders.

"Please stop to cry", he whispered. I looked up into his green orbs. His lips near me again and i know if he would beg away again I would break down. I leant in a little bit just to see his reaction.

And then he did it, beg away again. I sighed and pushed myself away from him.

"You know what Styles, i'm done!", i yelled and stood up. I ran towards the door, the tears already were rolling down my cheeks. I was so angry, so hurt and then suddenly felt his hand grab my wrist. He turned me around.

"Let me go!", i shouted into his face. I probably look like shit but don't care at the moment instead i tried to push myself away but failed.

"Please do us both a favor and let me go", i whispered tierd now.

I stood with my back against the wall and knew i could't run away. His body pressed against mine, his forhead leant against mine. I closed my eyes and breathed shakly.

"Why?", i asked. If he could only see that i'm a mess now.

"I'm tierd of trying to fight my feelings", he suddenly whispered. I opened my eyes and saw him closing his eyeswhile he leant in. I closed mine again and finally felt his lips on mine. I felt that little spark and brought my hands into his hair. I heard him groan. His hands wander down my waist and rested there. We fit together perfectly.

I broke the kiss and looked into his green orbs.

"Why?", i asked again. He smiled and just kissed me again. I kissed him back and held him tight against me. I tried to hide my smile when he let go.

"Jump", he whispered. I narrowed my eyebrows but did as i was told. He hold my thighs with his hands and crashed his lips against mine again. I fist my hands in his curls and heard him groan. His tongue stroke over my bottom lip and i opened them for him. He smiled and pressed me tighter against the wall. One of my hands stroke ove his chest and felt his abs.

He suddenly started to move and carried me into his room.

His lips never left mine as he he closed the door with his feet. He sat me down slowy and broke the kiss. His eyes sparkled and his lips were swollen. He wanted to lean in again but i stopped him.

"Wait Harry. Stop kissing me i can't think then. You have to answer my questions first!", i said a bit out of breath. He smirked and pushed me back. He sat on top of me and didn't stop smirking.

"So, you can't think huh?",he asked.

"Harry, i'm serious!", i laughed not really believable. I pushed him off me and heard him chuckle.

"Harry! Seriously!", i said.

"Okay, okay!", he meant and get hold of my hands. I looked into his eyes and saw him smiling.

"I'm tierd of trying to fight my feelings", he repeated. I nod and furrowed my eyebrows.

"Feelings?", i felt my heart beat faster and was quite sure he could hear it beating.

"Yeah, remember the day we met? We just had the last concert of our tour in the O2 arena. And i was so tierd and kind of sad because it was the end of the tour. I decided to go for a walk and clear my head. I heard some running and thought it was a friend but then you bumped into this street lamp and it was so cute.. That somehow made my day and when i was back at the aftershow party with the boys i was so lucky. And then when we met i can't believe you didn't recognize me, it was just so odd. But it was like you really was intrested in me, only in me. Not the fame. Looking back i knew i should have kissed you when we were at that lake but i was just so overhelmed. So when you met the boys i felt jealous because they saw you almost naked. And you're eyes.. you looked so damn sad at the pool, i just had to jump with you. I hoped to hang out with you the next day but you were so strange. You jut left me there and none of the boys could give me an explanation. I thought you don't like me that way.But it was so damn difficult to be you friend. I wanted to forget you but then you showed up with Niall and i just get so furious. I didn't want you to be with him. When you finally talked to me i was beyond pissed and was so confused. Tonight you came up with Liam and damn i thought you tried to push me over the edge with this leatherpants. And that's when i realized I should make my move. And that's why it needed so long", he ended and felt the tears forming again in my eyes. His hand stroke over my cheek and over the tears.

"You're so stupid Styles", i whispered. I leant in and kissed him again.

"I hope i didn't took to long?", he said between kisses.

"It definetly took to long!", i giggled.


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