Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


11. Chapter 11 - Unperfect




We end up laying at my couch watching a really boring movie. I sat at the opposite of the couch because i don't know if he wants me any near him. I put the DVD in but really wasn't interested in it. Instead i watched him as he kept looking at the TV.

"The movie is really boring you know that, don't you?", he suddenly said after almost half of the movie was over.

"Yeah, i think so", i admit. I smiled and turned the TV off.

"What are you doing when you aren't on tour?"

"The most time i try to be togheter with my family or with my friends. I relax from tour. Don't get me wrong, i love what i do but sometimes it's exhausting."

"Why aren't you there now? At your families house?", i asked.

"I don't know... The band and me we have to do some stuff. Recording and promoting and yeah. We just have to make some photo shootings and stay in London for a while. We have to plan and that's almost everything."

I nod as i would understood. But to be honest i think it's a little bit crazy.

"What about you? You never talk about yourself. I barely know anything about you." I laughed.

"I barely know anything about you either!", i respond.

"Yeah, but you just can google my name and found a lot of things about me!"

"That's not true! I will only find tons of articels about the famous Liam Payne with the perfect life and the shit people creat about you. But I won't find true things"

I smiled shyly and his mouth opened wide. I narrowed my eyes.

"What?", i asked worried.

"Nothing.. just tell me something about your life probably", he suggested after a few seconds. I sighed and wanted to start but my mouth was dry. I wanted to tell him everything. About every little detail. About my dead parents, that me and my brother moved to my violent uncle and about the people in school who caused so much pain. But I just can't. I looked down in my lap and fiddled with my hands.

"I... My past.. everything is really difficult. It.. I always dreamt about London. So now that i have the chance to live here, i decide to just move. I've got an older brother but we.. let's just say things aren't so good by now. And that's everything. I think. I like to draw and yeah. I always sing when i do things cause sometimes i'm almost afraid of silence...", i told him and try to be as honest as i could.

"You draw? Do you have something here?", he asked and i nod. I stood up and came back a few minutes later.

I showed him a big picture. I drew an big old grey tree without any paper left . The clouds hung from the sky and the wind blew red and orange through the air. And in the back just small was a person with a umberella.

"Wow, that's fantastic!". he said and i blushed.

"Thanks, my old teacher wanted me to show my pictures in public but i don't know. I don't think it's that good you know",i said and put it down onto the table.

I sit down again and looked at Liam. He smiled and suddenly leant in. Before i could react his lips were pressed against mine. I shut my eyes close and slung my arms around him.

I laid back at the couch as he hovered over me. I felt his hands wander down my sides and his lips kiss my neck.

"Liam..", i gasped.

"What love?", he murmerd.

"Not now, just talk to me?", i managed to say as his lips nibbeled at my neck.

He sit straight again and stroke my sides.

"If you want to do that.."



"Can i dress like that?", i asked Liam as he showed up at my door again. He went home to change before and looked at me now.

I wore black leather pants and a white blouse without sleeves. I wore black highheels and put on a bit make up. My hair is up into a high ponytail only a few strands out of it.

I hope i look acceptable.

Liam opens his mouth and close it again.

"Okay?", i asked and get nervous.

"More than okay!", he said and griped my waist. He pecked my lips and get my hand.

I stare at him in shock. Okay, so back to kissing.

We get into his car and he started to drive down the street.

The radio was on and i hummed with the music.

"Do you like the song?", he asked. I nod and looked out of the window.

Suddenly the car stopped and he get my hand.

We get out of the car at the back of the pub and went in.

"The boys are there!"

Wait. The boys. I stopped and made him stop with me.

"What?", he wanted to know confused.

"Just.. i don't know, what is this?", i asked and showed him our hands.

"I don't know Jane", he whispered. Peng. It hit me like a bullet.

"What do you want to tell the others?"

"Jane, i'm not sure.."

"Okay, i'm not sure as well, so maybe we just forget the things we unsure about and the last 24 hours. Because i'm not sure what i can expect from you Liam.."

I went straight past him and greeted the boys with a friendly smile and tried to hide my tears.

I recognize a beautiful blond and sit next to her.

"I'm Perrie. You must me Jane, right?", she wanted to know friendly. Shit.

"Yeah, that's me", i answered and smiled.

I saw Liam sit down infront of me. He tried to get my attention but i kept on ignoring him.

Suddenly my phone vibrated.

Harry: We have to talk.

I look up to meet his gaze. I narrowed my eyebrows but he just smiled.

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