Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


10. Chapter 10 - Kiss me slowly


Kiss me slowly (parachute)


"You know, you can always talk to me?", he said.

I nod and looked back into his eyes. I noticed the symetrie from only two days ago with Harry. But Liam wanted this. He wanted to come over. He cared. Unless Harry. I looked into his hazel brown eyes. I know i wanted this. He lean in and i felt his breath on my lips. He gave me some seconds to beg away. But i can't. I can't resist him. I closed my eyes when his lips crashed on mine.


I felt his hands making their way down my waist. I moaned as his tongues stroke over my bottom lip and i parted my lips for him. One of his hands rested at my waist, the other stroke my cheek.

I managed to sit more stratight and swung my legs at both sides of his tighs.

My hands stroke over his beard and i like how raspy it feels. I smile into the kiss and heard him moan slightly what made me smile even more.

His hands wander down and squeezed my bum and i gasped in shock.

Liams lips wander down my neck and kissed the spot under my earlob.

"Li-Liam", i gasped.

"How far do you want to get this?", i menotied to say and felt the goosebump as his fingers slowy stroke over my arms.

I rub slighty against his crotch and snuggle my head into his neck.

"Depends on you babe", he murmured and i felt myself blush at his words.

I want to respond but when he sucks at my neck i can't speak and just moan. I snuggled closer to him and pressed myself into him.

Both of his hands grab my bum and he stood up and carried me in my bedroom.

He droped me at the edge of my bed and made one step behind.

He gave me a sexy smile and put his shirt and jeans off. I bite down my bottom lip and can't stop to stare.

His hand lifts my chin and kissed me again. I laid back and he hovered over me.

His lips kissed down my neck again .

"Just... No-o  sex", i whispered and Liam nod at my neck. His hands reached the hem of my shirt and i broke the contact and pull it over my head.

Liam smiled down at me. I switch our places and sit on top again. I kissed his nacked chest and let my tounges swirl around his nippels. He moaned and i smile.

He let himself fall down on the matress and i laid down on his chest. Liam kissed my forhead and rubbed mys sites. My breath increased as he stopped at my panties.

I nod as a silent respond and he spin me around again. His choclate brown eyes gaze into mine as he put my panties down my body. I tried not to break the eye contact but it was really hard.

His soft lips kissed down my neck and end up at my my right breast while one of his fingers stroke over my folds. I gasped at the contact and can't resist to close my eyes.

"I missed you Jane", he whispered at my skin and i moaned in respond.

"Don't stop"

I feel him stroke me a few times before one of his fingers glid into me. I gasped again and bite down my bottom lip as his thumb stroke over my clit.

He began to suck at my breast. One of my hands reach down between us and I start to stroke him over his boxers. He moaned and i smile. His finger began to move faster and i knew i was  close.

"Liam", i gasped. I felt the orgasm built up and stroke him harder.

"Just.. just let go babe", he moaned to say.

I can't hold it longer and  opened my eyes again when i came undone moaning in plessure.

I let my head fall down at the matress again and felt my chest rise and fall quickly.

Liams lips found mine again quickly and kissed me.

"I want you.. more than this Jane..", he started and i shut him with another kiss.

"Not now..", i whipered and pressed myself against him.

His hands found my waist and hold me even closer.

I heard him whisper something but didn't understood what he said. I leant against his chest and felt his chest rise and fall. I closed my eyes and felt myself drift to sleep.




When i woke up i wasn't alone as i expected it to be. I saw Liam lying  beside me only in boxers. My eyes get wide at his sight. What the fuck... 

I looked at his peaceful sleep and began to panic. I lift my covers and noticed i'm nacked. Only covered in a bra.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Okay, i messed up. I bite down my bottom lip and didn't know what to do next.

I stood up and held one of the covers over my body to hide it. Wheter Liam has seen me naked or not i'm still not confortable with him seeing me naked now.

I went to my closet and get some yoga pants, a white shirt and underwear. I made my way to my bathroom and let the covers hit the floor. I gasped at the sight of myself in the mirror. My breast and my neck were covered in love bites. His red marks fill my body. I blushed at the thought of his lips at my neck.

Also i got a few bruises from that incident with the girls yesterday...

My hair was a mess but i didn't looked as awful as i expected it to be, but still not good.

I chuckled at myself about my not existing logic.

I stepped into the shower and let the hot water touch my sore body. I hissed at the conact and start to wash myself.

How did i get in this situation? I mean, i have nothing against Liam. I like him pretty much, i just think it's not good to get this situation more complicated than it already is.

Why am i upset? There is nothing between me and Harry or Niall or even Zayn?!

Okay, maybe there is this little something but none of them wanted to start anything.

Harry made it clear he wanted to be.. friends. I know it shouldn't bother me. But it hurts that he doesn't feel the same way as me... Wait! Jane, feel what?! There is nothing, isn't it? I don't know..

Niall is just a friend i think and Zayn is someone i can't stand seeing right now. But still...

And i like Liam. He is sweet and carring. He makes me feel good and safe. I already got in so much trouble. He is the first thing or person in my life who didn't messed up everthing.

I stepped out of the shower and rubbed myslef dry. I know what i should feel but what do i really feel? I changed quickly and checked my look one last time before leaving the bathroom.

I checked Liam but he still slept in peace. I smiled at his sight and went to the kitchen.

I began to make some pancakes. The smell filled the room and it just feels like home. I already finished when suddenly i felt some hands wrap around me from behind.

I gasped and realized at the same moment it was Liam. He snuggled his nose into my shoulder and kissed it slightly.

"Morning little fighter", he greeted me in a sleepy morning voice.

"Morning sleeping beauty!", i  joked and heard him laugh. He sent vibrations down my back and that made me laugh myself.

"Did you sleep well?", i asked. I felt him nodding and can't hide my smile. I finished cooking and put the pan at my little desk. It was an old desk from a friend and i used some colour so it looks quite handsome.

We sit at the table and ate from the pan with forks. I tried not to stare at Liam all the time cause it was so odd seeing him in my flat. When i finished i leant back in my chair and smiled.

"So what do you want to do today?", i wanted to know, trying to make some conversation.

"I want to ask a beautiful girl to spend some time with me", he answered and i felt my face drop. So he was none better than any other guy. He probably was even worse. I looked at my hand and bite down my bottom lip. No crying. Not infront of him.


"What?", i whispered.

"What do you say?", he asked.


"Yes you, who else little fighter?"

Oh! i was the beautiful girl he talked about. I start to grin and nod.

"What do you want do to?", i wanted to know curious.

"Let's just stay here and go out tonight in a pub probably?"

"Sure, sounds cool"

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