Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


1. Chapter 1 - Snowflakes




It was already late when i make my way home from Sam. He is my brother and i had to get some things from him. I now have my first own flat and i am really happy with that. The streets of London were dark but it was comfortable because the snow makes everything bright up.

I stuck the headphones into my ears and start to hear music. Nathalia Kills started to sing wonderland. Sometimes i wish my live was a song. Someone would come and take me to wonderland. I could creat my own melodie. My own rythm in live. I wanted my live to be a love song somebody i could give my love.  But if he break it... anyway my life suck so it only could get better.

I looked down and walked concentrate not to slip. I went further down the path when i suddenly noticed the crowd of people coming into my way. I stopped and let them make they're way before i started to walk again.

Why are so many people here?

Maybe theres some event here i don't know. The big snwoflakes were hung in my big black curls. I hate them but don't want to straight them and destroy my hair. My boots made loud noise into the snow. I looked upt to noticed now cames the baddest part of my way. The dark alley.

Don't ask me why but right before the street where i live was a black alley which scares the shit out of me. I hold up my phone to see the way infront of me.

My breath made little clouds into the air. I made one step into the alley then an other.

I barely could see anything which frightened me even more. I suddenly hear somebody follow me and thats when i started to run.

I run out the alley and against a street lamp. I crashed against it and found myself down on the floor. I rub my forhead and stood up quickly.

"Do you need help?", someone asked.

I looked up to see a man before me. He was tall and had big brown curls which coverd his eyes.

"No-o thanks!"

"Don't be scared, i won't hurt you!", he said with a deep husky voice.

I nod and wanted to turn around to get to my flat.

"Whats you're name love?"

"I-i'm Jane", i replied

"Jane, you loose something!", he said and gave me my box. I must dropped it after fallen to the ground. I get it and starred to the floor again.

"Oh! Thank you... Sorry i didn't get your name?"

"You don't know me?", he wanted to know suprised.

"No-o... It that a problem?", i asked counfused now.

"I'm Harry"

"Okay Harry, i have to go home now, it's late. But if you want we can grab a coffee tomorrow, as a thank you?"

"Yeah okay", Harry replied."Where?"

"At 2 at starbuck here?"

I looked up to see him smile and nod. Suddenly it hit me. I recognized him. He was Harry Styles. From this band. This really popular and famous band!

He gave me a hug and a last cheeky smile before he turned around and dissapear in the snowflakes.

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