Hogwarts Comedians

When Cat goes into her 6th year at Hogwarts and Jamie her 3rd...it's a bit awkward.
Jamie doesn't know Cat, she socialises with the Weasly twins.
Cat doesn't know Jamie, She's a Malfoy.
But something starts making them friends and soon their the comedians of the school, along with the twins...


7. Chapter 7


Cat waved at me and Teddy as we went over the rules and we both waved back. I think she getting more friendly..if you know what I mean. I don't know what's happening between me and George now...im trying to avoid him. But when you're playing Quidditch with the very person you don't want to see...yeah it's a bit hard.

At the end of the match i only realised then that Cat was watching and i flew up to her on my broomstick. It's only a Cleansweep 11 like the twins' but it goes pretty fast. 

"Hey Cat!" I exclaimed. She smiled and pointed to Teddy as we saw his blue hair disappear under the school. "How many did he score?" She asked me.

"10 and I scored 11!" I exclaimed,"I'm only a year above him and he might just kick me off the team if he gets better!" Cat laughed and looked at my broom then looked away.

"Do you want a Puking Pastille to try on someone?" I asked and she began to look curious, she tilted her head to the side and asked,"What are they for and- wait i can guess what they do..."

"Yeah Puking Pastilles make you puke and if you take one in lesson they'll send you to Madame Pomfrey and Bye-Bye lesson." I started,"although I prefer to use them for pranks..." I felt just a bit evil at that very moment..

"Anyway here's three! I've got to run!" I said as i saw Fred and George coming towards us..well flying..and I ducked under them as they flew to where I was. I got down and ran inside. I got undressed from my kit and put everything away and headed to the common room as i had a free period. I say there and studied..for nothing in particular, then decided to play with SkySnap.

I got bored very quickly so i ended up singing a muggle song i learned –

You tell all the girls no,

Makes ya feel good, 

yeah, behind your broadway show,

I heard a voice say please don't,

hurt me.

--I skipped to the chorus--

would you let me, see beneath your beautiful,

would you let me, —


At this i cut off as i realised there was someone behind me..

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