Hogwarts Comedians

When Cat goes into her 6th year at Hogwarts and Jamie her 3rd...it's a bit awkward.
Jamie doesn't know Cat, she socialises with the Weasly twins.
Cat doesn't know Jamie, She's a Malfoy.
But something starts making them friends and soon their the comedians of the school, along with the twins...


6. Chapter 6

      Finally, Quidditch practice was here. Something that I can look forward too. I'm a beater for the Slytherin team.Draco didn't have the talent like I do, so he had to buy his way onto the Quidditch team. He had father buy everyone a Nimbus 2000. I have a Thunder Storm 36. I have been saving up for it since I was three. I ran down to the Slytherin common room and grabbed my broom stick, and Quidditch gear. I ran down to the Quidditch pitch and got my gear on. We were mounting on our broom sticks when the Gryffindor team came onto the field. I saw the Weasley twins and their friend, Jamie. I stayed behind Marcus Flint, our captain.

      "What are you doing here." Oliver Wood said.

      "What does it look like, stupid?" Draco shot back.

     Oliver rolled his eyes. I wasn't really paying attention, but a fight broke out. It ended with a Weasley barfing slugs. I noticed that Teddy had made it on the Gryffindor team as a Chaser. He was going over the rules with Jamie. I waved at both of them. They smiled and waved back. After the Weasley boy got token care of McGonagal came out. Great, she will definitely side with Gryffindor. I sighed, as expected she sided with Gryffindor and practice for the Slytherins was cancelled. I sadly walked back to the Slytherin common room to put my stuff back. I decided that since I had some free time, that I was going to go back down to the pitch and watch the Gryffindor team.

       Once I got down there I sat down on a bench and watched them. I noticed that Jamie was a really good chaser. Teddy was still getting the hang of it, so he flipped a couple of times. I went and helped him up every time. When the practice was over Oliver Wood walked over to me.

      "I don't appreciate it when you spy on us during practice," he said.

      "Clearly, I' not spying. I'm sitting on a bench, watching my cousin play Quidditch." I said. He looked suspicious, but he nodded and walked away.

      My free time was over and I had to get back to class. I had DADA with Professor Lockhart. Great.


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