Hogwarts Comedians

When Cat goes into her 6th year at Hogwarts and Jamie her 3rd...it's a bit awkward.
Jamie doesn't know Cat, she socialises with the Weasly twins.
Cat doesn't know Jamie, She's a Malfoy.
But something starts making them friends and soon their the comedians of the school, along with the twins...


5. Chapter 5


Finally I saw George come through to the Great Hall, I called him over and he sat in the middle of me and Fred. "That Cat's nice!" I exclaimed trying to brighten the mood, but George just gave me a weak smile. So I guessed something was up. I held his hand and squeezed it for a second then got on with my meal. I was half way through my Caramel Tart like i usually was and of course Dumbledore vanishes my food. I made a pouty face at George trying to make him laugh.

He didn't, he looked like he would never laugh again, but something changed his mind because Fred whispered something to him and his eyes brightened a bit. After a long whisper conversation with Fred he seemed himself again. I can't stand to see him upset! 

"George?" I whispered under my breath. He smiled a bit and squeezed my hand like i did to him earlier. "Yes JJ?" He whispered. I looked at him curiously to see what he was thinking then looked away,"Will you tell me what was wrong?" I asked him. He nodded and squeezed my hand again.

I saw Teddy was tearing up next to Ginny. CRUD! (My little thing when im angry or frustrated etc.) i forgot that Ginny had her sorting! I ignored the sorting!!! Ugh! "Teddy whats wrong Hun?" I ask him as I draw nearer,"by the way Ginny well done into getting into Gryffindor!" She seemed to look happier as i said this as well. Right back to Teddy. He was a Metamorphagmus like me so we stuck together. 

"Malfoy!" He spat in the direction of Draco. 

"Don't worry Ted I'll sort him for you!" I told him. I walked over to Cat and asked her to come over to Teddy. Once she found out about Draco she looked VERY angry...and very I think was an understatement. She marched right over to him, grabbed him by his ear and yanked him into a corner and started whisper yelling at him so that the teachers wouldn't hear. After 10 minutes Draco made his way to Ted and apologised.

Ted nodded and went over to Ginny and Hermione. I went back to the Twins and remembered the Puking Pastilles were done and in my pocket. "George!" I called him over to me as I sat in a corner of the hall. "Yes JJ?" He asked, sitting opposite me.

"If you tell me what was wrong then I'll give you all of the finished Puking Pastilles!" I told him and his eyes widened in anticipation. "Ok..Cat told me that if i keep flirting with her - even though its a joke! - " he quickly added seeing my expression,"then she'll tell my..CRUSH that I like her..." 

Fair was fair i gave home the Puking Pastilles. "One more thing!" I added,"If you tell me who your crush is I'll give you something else!" There if Fred says make a move i might as well do it now.

George looked up at me from the floor and whispered,"It's you.." And with that I leaned in and kissed him. I pulled away once i heard someone wolf whistle and looked up to see the whole hall staring at us. I felt myself going a deep crimson and i tried to hide behind George.

"That was awesome!" Fred exclaimed as we got Inside the Common Room. I looked at home with a *really?* look. "No Frederick, No it was not! Anyway I've got to go to bed I've got        Quidditch Practise tomorrow." I mumbled.

I tried out last year for keeper and got in as i beat Katie Bell. Anyway as I lie in bed with my now full grown cat SkySnap i fall asleep and dream of what could happen in my life that would actually surprise me..

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