Hogwarts Comedians

When Cat goes into her 6th year at Hogwarts and Jamie her 3rd...it's a bit awkward.
Jamie doesn't know Cat, she socialises with the Weasly twins.
Cat doesn't know Jamie, She's a Malfoy.
But something starts making them friends and soon their the comedians of the school, along with the twins...


3. Chapter 3


I got to Kings Cross ok. I'm only in my stupid third year and apparently I have to come alone because my parents are too busy.

I got onto the train early and i looked through all the compartments and saw George emerging from one. "GEORGE!!" I shouted and did the run and jump hug thing i do to him.

"Hey Jamie" he whispers into my neck giving my goosebumps. He hugged back then i finally released. "You ARE sitting with me on the way to Hogwarts right?!" I panicked. I had been wanting to see him soo bad since the middle of he Holidays. "Yeah of course JJ!" He replied adding my little nickname he gave me. He dragged me into the compartment and sat down. I sat beside him. 

"So how was your half holiday at the Burrow?" He asked probably wondering my opinion.

"Amazing!" I breathed.

"And the other half?" He asked curiously.

"boring." I replied grinning at him.

"George?" I asked him.

"Yes?" He asked me.

"Can I have another hug?" I replied. 

"Of course madam!" He said in a posh accent laughing. As he picked me up onto his lap and hugged me tight as i hugged him. Gently he swayed back and forth as well, making me sleepy. 

"George?" I asked into HIS neck this time giving HIM goosebumps.

"yes?" He breathed giving me the same feeling as he had.

"Who's the person giving me a slightly evil glare through the doors to our compartment?" I replied barely whispering any more.

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