Most teenage girls would not take being kidnapped so well, but Alice Kingsleigh is an odd girl. Kidnap fic with a twist!


2. What is going on?

"I can't believe this! What are we doing? This is crazy!" A distinct Irish accent is the first thing I hear.

"Relax! It'll all work out...right?" A worried voice responds. 

What is going on? God, my head feels as if its being split open with a pick. 

"Oh..." I moan softly as I try to open my eyes. Apparently they don't feel like complying; they flutter for moment before I'm forced to let them shut again.

"She's waking up!" A voice comes from my left. A cool hand lays across my forehead as I try to open my eyes again. This time, they open.

The first thing I see is a ceiling fan, a very familiar ceiling fan. I'm in my bedroom. How did I get home?

Then a head pops into my line of vision. "You alright, love?" The tousled hair and bright eyes are very familiar. In fact, I happen to see those eyes and that head of hair on a daily basis thanks to the posters plastered on my walls.

Realization hits me like a ton of bricks and I sit up quickly "Oh fuck!" 

"Woah, slow down there, babe. You took quite a spill, and hit your head." A Bradford accent drawls. 

My head swivels to the right and I see him. And right next to him, a blonde haired boys looks at me with concern. I squeal.

A pair of hands rub circles into my back. "Shh, it's alright, love. We're not going to hurt you." A husky voice that literally cause my knees to buckle whispers into my ear.

I squeal again and scramble away. A glance to my left confirm my fears. One after another, I meet three pairs of eyes. The first: bright blue, then warm chocolate brown, and finally the sea green that I've found myself obsessing over in the past. 

I shake my head in disbelief. "Oh my god! Oh my fucking god! This is a dream! It has to be! It's a bloody dream!"

Squeezing my eyes shut, I pinch my thigh as hard as I can. "Ow! Oh come on, Alice! Wake up! It's just a silly dream; a hallucination! Yes, that's it! Now its time to wake up. One...two...three!" I mumble before opening my eyes. 

Five, very confused boys stare back at me.

"Do ya think she's got a concussion?" Niall whispers loudly.

"AHHHH! You're real?! YOU'RE REAL?!" I yell, leaning forward and grabbing his pale face in my hands. "You are! Oh, you are real!" I laugh maniaclly.

The Irish boy grasps my hands in his and gently pulls them away. "Erm...yes I am." 

I snatch my hands back, "Oh dear, I'm sorry. I just can't believe this. Its insane. You're in my room. One Direction is in my room. Oh goodness...I don't understand..." I continue on, quietly rambling to myself.

"Uhm...I'm sure you're wondering why we're here?" Looking up, I see Liam leaning towards me with a small smile.

Yes. "No." I say, wrapping my arms around my legs and smiling sweetly at them all. 

"No...?" Louis questions.

"Yes." I pause and take a deep breath. "I mean, no I don't want to know why you're here." 

The boys all give each other worried glances. Zayn addresses me first. "And may I ask why not?"

Shrugging my shoulders, I look at my knobby knees. "I've learned that when something good happens, you shouldn't question it. Though I am a bit curious..."

Thinking about it, I really would like to know how the fuck I got home from Starbucks, and it'd be pretty great to know why ONE DIRECTION was in my house "You know what, I've changed my mind. I do want to know why you beautiful creatures are in my room." 

"Beautiful creatures?" Harry chuckles and then drapes his arm across my shoulders. "You know what? I'm liking you more by the minute."

I shiver. What? He's liking me more by the minute? I didn't know he liked me in the first place! 

"Well I guess I'll tell her then...?" Niall trails off, snapping me from my revere. 

I smile at him. "Yes, why don't you enlighten me, sweet child?"

Louis bursts into laughter and Niall smiles but gives me a questioning look. 

"I'm older than you."

"And how do you know that? Just because I'm tiny and have a baby face doesn't mean I'm younger than you." He actually is older than me but lots of people think I look younger than I am and I don't want them thinking I'm some crazy fourteen year old. Plus, I like to argue.

Niall just shakes his head "I know because we looked at your liscence. How do ya think we got you home? Good thing we did too, you we're out cold, right there in the middle of Starbucks!" He starts laughing.

I furrow my eyebrows. "I'm glad you find the situation amusing." 

Louis pats my hand "Don't be hard on him, love. It was rather funny." 

I look up to him and notice he's wearing one of his fabulously stylish (gay) sweaters. And its blue.

"You!" I yell and point at him.

He arches an eyebrow. "Me?"

"The sweater! It was you I bumped into! You're the reason I fell! Well its not all your fault; I AM extremely clumsy after all and I WAS in a hurry... But still, why were you standing so close to me in the first place?!" 

Zayn and Niall start chuckling at the same time, except its more like girlish giggling than chuckling. I glance around and see that Harry's cheeks are just slightly tinged pink.

I turn to Liam in confusion, he just looks away quickly, a guilty expression on his face.

"What? What's so funny?" I look to Louis for answers, he opens his mouth but Zayn and Niall cut him off with another round of giggles.

My head snaps around. "Will you two stop tittering like hens, Louis is trying to speak to me!" I say exaperatedly.

They both shut up; Niall looks down into his lap but Zayn only smirks, "You may proceed." He says sarcastically.

"Why, thank you." I respond pointedly. 

Turning back to Louis, I offer him a small smile, signalling him to continue. 

"Well...we walked in just as you were telling that boy," his face hardens, "your name. And I turned to tell the lads that I thought it was an unusual name and I saw Harry just staring at you. At first I thought he'd just recognized you from somewhere but when he didn't go over to you immedietly, I knew that he didn't know you. Harry didn't know you, but I could see it in his eyes that he thought you were FIT. So of course, I was going over to tell you that my friend thought you were attractive, you know, to rile him up a bit. But I guess that didn't really work out..." It's Louis' turn to blush at the end of his confession.

I stare at him.

"What?" He looks confused. 

"Alright, cute story, Louis. But its not time for jokes. Now tell me the truth."

A look of mild shock crosses his features. "But that is the truth. Why would I make that up?"

I sigh, exasperated. "I don't know. Why would you make that up, Louis? Stop playing, I want the real story."

Louis gives the other boys slightly pleading glances before turning his attentiom back to me. "I'm not making it up, Alice. Its the truth."

Hearing him say my name gives me goosebumps for some reason, but I ignore my reaction. "Yeah? Seriously, quit it. Harry 'thinks I'm attractive'?" I spit sarcastically as I use my fingers to make air quotes. "Atleast come up with something more believable! No 'A' for effort because its obvious you barely put any into that story. You get a 'C-'." I cross my arms wondering how long it will take me to get the real story out of him. 



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