A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


4. With Him

I was fixing my things and Liam talked to me. "What is your second class?" he asked "PE, Volleyball." I answered. "You are into sports?" I stand up, get my bag. And walked. He started walking with me. "Yes, I am" i replied I think he's being friendly. That should be good because you have a new friend "Then you are a player here?" He asked interestedly. "No, I'm not. Uhmmm. Maybe? Im shy to try out for volleyball. Uhmm. By the way, You should go to your second class. " I said and smiled at him. "I'm not going. My second class is Chemistry. And the teacher, teaches very badly. Can i go with you?" He said "Uhh, Sure?" I said awkwardly. We went to the gym. And he sat to the crowd's chair. I went to the gym locker. Changed my uniform to my uniform in Volleyball. I was shy to go out. I think he will judge me on how do I look. I told myself to be brave his just your new friend. I walked nervously outside. When I was outside I saw Liam talking to Jianne. When I saw Jianne, i walked very fast and hugged her. And she said "Hi there, you got a new friend here!" she winked at me. What does that even means. "Oh, His Liam by the way" I replied. "Hi Liam, I'm Jianne" Jianne smiled at him. "Hi Jianne" He greeted Jianne nicely. Jianne kept on looking at me. And smiling weirdly. I don't know why actually. That's kind of disturbing, Jianne looking at me that way. "I need to leave now. Going to my second class. By the way, Nice to meet you Liam" Jianne said. "Nice to meet you too, Jianne" Liam replies. Jianne walked away from us. And Liam looked at me and said "You look like an expert in volleyball, by the way" I was shocked when he said that. He is the first guy that told me that. But i don't know if that is a compliment. "What?! Is that even a compliment?" I said. He was laughing. He looks like a kid when he laughs. That's kind of cute. " I am serious. I'm not joking. Is that the way you make friends to others?" He's laughing. "I was just asking, It's just... That! Nevermind." I said nervously. His eyes widens and looks curious. "I need to go, Our teacher is here" I said. He smiled but that look is different. He looks curious. Forget about it. Focus on your doings. Our class starts. I kept on failing to recieve the ball.And I don't know why. When our class ends. Our teacher wants to talk to me. Our teacher in PE is Ms. Callie. She is a hot teacher and she's a player too. She told me that I need to focus on our training, kind of. And I told her that I'm not feeling well and then she said that I need to get well. I went to the locker room. And changed. When I was outside I didn't saw Liam sitting where he was sitting. And then someone talked in my side. I look at it, and it was Liam. "Oh, you're done. You were so cool awhile ago." He's amused. "Thanks" I said. "Do you have a next class?" He asked curiously. Why is he so curious! "Why do you need to know?" I asked. He looks disappointed. "I just want to make new friends. That's all. I'm sorry for bothering you." His face turned so sad. And I felt guilty about it. I didn't know that he's being friendly with me. "Oh, you are not bothering me, actually. It's just I don't actually get along with guys." I said shyly. "Okay, I'm a good person you know that. I will be your First Guy Friend" He said with widened smile. I was shocked when he said that. But it was kind of cute. "Okay" I smiled. He looks at his watch. He looks worried. "I need to go home now. Mom needs my help" He smiled. "Okay, Bye" I replied with a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked. "Uhmmm.. Sure" I replied. He wants to see me again tomorrow. Oh my. This feeling is weird. Stop it...

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