A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


11. Memories

I never thought that she will accept my treat for her. Everytime I am near her, I always thought that she will feel awkward because I always come near her. It's just that she is the kind of person that you wanted to know more. I was looking at my window when I saw her walking with her friend, Jianne. They were talking laughing. Looking at her smiling is like im in the other world. This is different, good different. I wish she has the same feeling about me. I know that from the start that i would like her because she's different from others. I want to ask her out but I'm scared she might reject me. I want to be with her...

Jianne asked me to come with her and walk around the village. She asked me about the day Liam and I have a picnic. I told her the story and she was like laughing and she kept on telling me that he likes me and I kept on telling her that she likes someone else. First of all, why would a guy fall in love with a girl like me? For me that's not even possible.

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