A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


3. Look at you

 I hate Math. I hate the most is the Teacher, Mr. Finche. He is old, and grumpy. I walked slowly and the bell started ringing. When I reached the room, all the people are looking at me. "Why are you late?" Mr. Finche said. "I changed my shirt, Because of the rain" I explained. "Find a seat." He said. I was looking around. I saw a chair beside guy, who's staring at me. And I feel like I'm staring at him too. He smiled. And I smiled to. I went to that chair. "Hi" He said. His eyes are beautiful, and brown. His hair makes a quiff. He looks like an innocent person. "Hi... Uhh" I replied. "The name's Liam, Liam Payne" He extended his hand, inviting me to shook it. "Hi Liam,  I'm Margareth" I smiled. I grabbed his hand and shook it. I settle down. Put my bag on the floor. "New here?" I asked him. "No, You?"  He smiled. I thought he was new here. I don't even recognize him. "No." I smiled. I look at him and He look at me. That was kind of awkward. He laughed. And I don't know why. "What? Is there a problem with my face?" I asked worriedly. "No. Your face is good, Why are you looking at me? In the first place" He questions me. "I just don't recognize you. You said that you aren't new here. That's all" I said awkwardly "Oh... Okay" He smiled. He turned to face his notebook. And he starts writing something. Mr. Finche keeps on discussing, and I'm focusing on how Liam's eyes look like. I told myself to focus on our lesson, but Liam's eyes keeps on disturbing me. Thinking about how he smiled at me awhile ago. The bell started ringing. And my first class ends.

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