A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


17. Keeping it inside

All day long Jianne never talked to me. She didnt even looked at me. I am suppose to tell my bestfriend how I feel but no, I feel this because of her and Liam. I dont know what to do. All I know is that I should keep this to myself. My feelings. I wanted to talk to her but something is pulling me away. Fear. I need to be brave. I walked fast so I can catch up with her.


"Hey! Im sorry about earlier. I was just stressed out." I apologised

"It's Okay" She replied. I know that it isn't okay. I know that because she is my bestfriend. 

Silence attacked. I only hear the wind and the silence is making it awkward. 

 "Im really am sorry" I apologised. Guilt is eating me.

Jianne smiled and hugged me. I know we are reunited together but the pain in my heart will never change.

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