A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


16. Change

A voice interrupted my vision of Liam. When I opened my eyes, I saw Jianne. I dont know what to say when I saw Jianne. That memory flashes back in my mind. Hurting me. Making me want to cry. 

"Hi" I replied, avoiding eye contact.

"Where have you been?" Jianne asked curiously.

"What do you mean? I was just here." I replied

"Are you avoiding me? What have I done? Did I do something wrong?" She was so curious. I cant even look at her. I cant even look at my own bestfriend.

"Answer me!" Jianne begged.

"Nothings wrong. You didnt do anything bad or mean. I am just not in the mood. I am not avoiding you either" I replied.

"Not in the mood? For what?" She's confused. I never saw her so confused. 

"Nothing!" I replied awkwardly. This conversation is leading to nothing.

"You've changed" She said and walked away.

She didnt saw me for one or two days and now I have changed? I dont get it. Why would she say that? I know that I have change, change for Liam, so that I can move-on. I didnt change for her. I didnt change to have an argument with her. My own best friend saying that I have changed is what hurts. Letting people come in your life and let them change you.



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