You've Fallen For Me

Niall and Kate know each other since they we’re in 1st grade. They we’re best friend and their family are close too. But when Kate’s brother graduated, her mom decided to transfer Kate to her brother’s school so that they we’re together. What will happen to their friendship when Niall found out that Kate really need to move to another school? What will Kate do to confess her feelings to her best friend? And what will happen to them when they get at their right age? Will Niall date Kate and marry her or not? Find out.


9. Philippines

Another Stewardess’ POV

We are here now to the Philippines. This airport is called the NAIA, Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It is named after one of the greatest senator who shot and died here named Ninoy Aquino, Corazon Aquino, a president’s husband. Enjoy your stay in the Philippines. Thank you for riding in British Airways, please come again.

Some of the crew of One Direction are going out, followed by Zayn, Louis, Liam Harry, and Niall. Niall said bye to Kate and give her a hug and kissed Kate on her forehead.

Kate’s POV

I didn’t expect that Niall hug me and kissed me in the fore head. But that doesn’t mean anything were just Friends. After 1 hour my phone ring and I answer it. It was Niall. He is asking me if I was busy and told him I’m not. So he told me to go a lunch with him and have a day out at a mall called SM Mall of Asia at 12 pm. I was so happy and told my self that it was my day. I unpacked my things and look for a red dress, a wedge heels and some make up. I don’t know how to go there and decided to take a cab and drive me there. Good thing I did convert some of my pounds in the airport and I have a Philippine Peso money now. Their cab is so cheap.

After arriving at the mall, I was looking for him. I don’t want to wait longer so I call him, he’s going to pick me at the Penshoppe. So I find the Penshoppe he was telling me. Then I saw it, they are the model of that brand clothing. It was Amazing. They we’re so famous already. Some notice that they we’re One Direction actually they are the fans. The lads are in disguised. Niall did a brunette hair and has a Ray-ban Sunglasses. Harry did a hair cut, some of his curls are gone. Liam also had a hair cut, he decided to be half bald and donate his hair to a cancer patient. Louis, his hair is now one sided.

Liam and Zayn decided to go for a window shopping at  Topman brand. Louis and Harry check their modelling brand Penshoppe and eat at a restaurant. So it was only me and Niall. Niall take me to a Restaurant called Max’s. Max’s food is more on chicken that’s why he took me there. I remember when were still young me, my mum, Niall and his mom always go to Nandos. I miss going there already.

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