You've Fallen For Me

Niall and Kate know each other since they we’re in 1st grade. They we’re best friend and their family are close too. But when Kate’s brother graduated, her mom decided to transfer Kate to her brother’s school so that they we’re together. What will happen to their friendship when Niall found out that Kate really need to move to another school? What will Kate do to confess her feelings to her best friend? And what will happen to them when they get at their right age? Will Niall date Kate and marry her or not? Find out.


14. Girls with the lads'

Niall drop Kate to the mall. Niall then drive on the way to the studio to have his rehearsal. Kate, Danielle, Eleanour and Perrie visited Penshoppe, went to spa and salon, bought some stuffs and food for the boys. Kate also bought a new phone for Niall. She added her number in the contacts name Babe. After hanging out Kate, Dani, Eleanour and Perrie we’re spotted in the mall. Some fans ask who Kate was. Some still ask what is the relationship between Kate and Niall. Their pictures are leaked in the internet. The girls said that Niall’s best friend is Kate and they have nothing to worry about. If Niall will have his girlfriend they will be the one to know it first. The girls drive to the lads’ studio.  Danielle kissed and hug Liam, Perrie, Eleanour and Kate as well to their boyfriends.

Harry’s POV

Aww, guys. The 4 of you (4 couples) are so sweet. I’m also waiting for my girl to come. Can you give me a hug please? Aye, our group date will be later eh’? I’m so excited.

All of them: Poor little Hazza, come here you can cuddle with us. And yes our dinner date will be later. We wish that you’ll able to meet your girl as soon as possible. Maybe later, nobody knows.

Harry’s POV

Of course! Although I’m the only one who is single in the band I know I have lots of girlfriends to date (referring to their fans) Hahaha. Kidding!

The boys didn’t rehearse when their girlfriends arrive. Instead, they all play and fool around together with their girlfriends. They don’t want to practice.



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