You've Fallen For Me

Niall and Kate know each other since they we’re in 1st grade. They we’re best friend and their family are close too. But when Kate’s brother graduated, her mom decided to transfer Kate to her brother’s school so that they we’re together. What will happen to their friendship when Niall found out that Kate really need to move to another school? What will Kate do to confess her feelings to her best friend? And what will happen to them when they get at their right age? Will Niall date Kate and marry her or not? Find out.


1. First Day High!

Kate’s POV

I’m in 7th grade now, I really need to be smart so that I will be at the top of our class. While I was walking to meet my teacher I saw one of my childhood best friend Thea passed by. I didn’t know she study here also. I’m going to introduce her to my mates and my best friend Niall If I saw her.

* After 3 minutes finding Thea

Niall this is my child hood best friend Thea, Thea this is my best mate Niall. As I introduce them to each other. Nice to meet you they both said as they waved their hand. I can see Niall’s eyes glued to Thea’s face.

Niall’s POV

Thea, is so nice Isn’t she? I asked Kate happily. Oh yeah! We are friends since we are 3 years old, We used to visit each other if we have an events Kate said. I really like Thea now. I really believe in love at first sight. It’s like there were spark when I hold her hand. It’s like I don’t want to let her go now. But what would Kate feel If I told her I have a feelings for Thea? She’ll just tease me that I was so fast to fall in love Hahaha.

Thea’s POV

It was nice to see my Best friend Kate and she introduced me to her best mate Niall. I was happy now because I had a new friend beside Kate. That Niall looks handsome.

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