You've Fallen For Me

Niall and Kate know each other since they we’re in 1st grade. They we’re best friend and their family are close too. But when Kate’s brother graduated, her mom decided to transfer Kate to her brother’s school so that they we’re together. What will happen to their friendship when Niall found out that Kate really need to move to another school? What will Kate do to confess her feelings to her best friend? And what will happen to them when they get at their right age? Will Niall date Kate and marry her or not? Find out.


5. A Friend is always there for Me

*One day at school*

Kate’s POV

I still can’t believe that we had lost our grand father. I’m still reminiscing those times we had fun specially when he danced me at my cotillion. I thought that he had recovered his disease but I was so wrong. I didn’t expect this. How am I going to tell this to Niall? He even talked to each other last week. I’m still in-shocked. I didn’t go to school last Tuesday and still, I don’t want to go to school. Maybe I just need some rest after the bad news in our family. I should pray that god will guide him until he go to the heaven. Maybe if I already moved on what had happened last Monday I can go to school tomorrow or on Thursday and tell Niall about my grand father. Maybe this time I can feel that he’s a true friend to talk to.

Niall’s POV

Kate is already in school today, she was so lonely starting when she came here. So I decided to come to her and apologized if I did something wrong. She is laughed at me and told me that I didn’t do anything to her that cause her to become lonely until she finally told me the reason why she are absent for three days and why she is sad when she came. I listen to her carefully. I was shocked because of Kate said. I still even talked to his Grand father last week I visit him. I can’t believe it. From all this time, I also know that he has been recovered, but then I fail. I can see a tear forming on Kate’s eyes so I decided to wipe it out and hug her she also hug me in return. I told her that her grandpa will be in a good hands together with god. I’m going to the wake of her grandpa later and talk to her grandma and mom. I’ll never ever forget those times having a deep conversation with her grandpa. He always gives me some advice and it always help me a lot. After a couple of days, they already send him to a private cemetery. My heart is breaking when I saw Kate crying as the crew of the garden cemetery burry her granpa’s coffin. I went to her side and hug her. Wipe her tears away and kiss her in the head. Maybe that will feel her better now.

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