Blood Thirsty with You

Mackenzie was a normal 16-year old. She had a normal life. Until she met a guy named Clark. Andrew Clark V. Anderson. One night She found out that Clark was a vampire and that's the night he bit her, thinking she would die but, someone found her. He changed her into a vampire, he took her home and let her rest. She woke up looking around and she felt strange, she woke up vampire. And the one who changed her was..... Who could it be? Comment below and guess! Will she be safe? What happens when they find out about it? Will they survive? READ ALONG!


2. Transformed

I woke up alive! I wonder why but I was alive! But I was still in the dark alleyway though. I got hungry then I felt different. I grabbed a mirror in my bag and I saw fangs come out of my mouth, and red eyes instead of dark brown ones! But h-how? Clark said clearly that I would die! Not turn into one, DIE! So I put on a jacket to cover the blue bite and I wonder why it was blue anyways, shades to cover my red eyes and I immedietly closed my mouth. I was walking around until a guy grabbed me and started to sniff my arm. "Wha-what do you want?!" I asked scared. "Your blood"he replied smiling then he tried to bite my arm since my neck was covered. But before he bit it, I pushed him which caused him to hit the wall hard! Gee, vampire abilities are awesome! "Ho-how did you g-get so strong for a hu-human?" He asked while taking off my shades then he saw the red eyes and froze.

"I am so so sorry! I thought you were a human!" He said. I couldn't help but stare at his perfect blue eyes. He saw my fangs.

"hungry aren't you?"he chuckled. I nodded. "Let's get you some food!" He said happily. "How?" I asked curiously. "Wait.... You don't know how to get yourself blood?" He asked surprised. I shook my head. "Were you bitten?" He asked. I nodded. "When?" He asked again. "This morning, but Clark said I would die, not turn into one!" I cried. "Clark? Andrew Clark?" He asked scared. I nodded. "He WAS my boyfriend, before he BIT me!" I explained. "Stay away from him, he's dangerous!" He yelled. I nodded in his fear. "No wonder you smell like a newborn! Now let's go!" He said. "Go where?" I asked. "To my house! I have blood packets there!" He explained. I only nodded. "How did you get so strong by the way? I mean I KNOW newborns are strong but not that strong! No one is that strong!" He asked amazed. I just shrugged.

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