Blood Thirsty with You

Mackenzie was a normal 16-year old. She had a normal life. Until she met a guy named Clark. Andrew Clark V. Anderson. One night She found out that Clark was a vampire and that's the night he bit her, thinking she would die but, someone found her. He changed her into a vampire, he took her home and let her rest. She woke up looking around and she felt strange, she woke up vampire. And the one who changed her was..... Who could it be? Comment below and guess! Will she be safe? What happens when they find out about it? Will they survive? READ ALONG!


6. Guardian watching

Melanie's P.O.V.

Hi I'm Melanie I have long, blonde, curly hair. I have green eyes, pink lips, and I wear a dark robe with a hoodie. I am a guardian. I look sixteen but.... I'm older than you think.

I went up to see my little vampires that I should watch over, and I hear them say there's a pure blue blooded royal! Yippee the first in the history of vampires, oh no she could even kill us guardians! But we'll see if she can after the blood test..... I should go tell our fellow guardian sister, She's much older and powerful then any of us are but not as powerful as any pure blue blooded royal. I should go tell Grachsiella (grash-ye-la) she is Spanish. 

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

"But... Lou!!! How can I bee a pure royal! I'm not even a true blooded vampire!"I shreak.

"Now, now, Mackenzie! We don't even know that yet!" Louis screams.

"The guardians might kill me!" I scream.

"CALM DOWN, MACKENZIE!!!! WE'RE NOT EVEN SURE SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!" Louis screams impatiently.

I run up to my room and sob like a baby. I'm not ready to go yet.... Not now.....

Niall's P.O.V.

gee, I feel really upset now! What if they get Kenzie! I can't let that happen.... I won't let that happen..... Not in this lifetime.....

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