Blood Thirsty with You

Mackenzie was a normal 16-year old. She had a normal life. Until she met a guy named Clark. Andrew Clark V. Anderson. One night She found out that Clark was a vampire and that's the night he bit her, thinking she would die but, someone found her. He changed her into a vampire, he took her home and let her rest. She woke up looking around and she felt strange, she woke up vampire. And the one who changed her was..... Who could it be? Comment below and guess! Will she be safe? What happens when they find out about it? Will they survive? READ ALONG!


4. Authors note

Hey readers! I'm Simone (si-mown) and this is my 2nd story! I am trying my best to do it all. Please comment your suggestions below! I will be sure to try considering your suggestions and requests. 

And if any of you want to be a girlfriend, you can comment below and decide who you want to be. a girlfriend an enemy  or a friend. please pick between harry or zayn only! And if you wanna be a vampire, werewolf or human. Don't feel bad if I don't pick you or if I don't let you be who you wanted to be. Start commenting!

Harry? Or Zayn? Please pick between the two only and don't feel bad!

-Simone <3

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