Blood Thirsty with You

Mackenzie was a normal 16-year old. She had a normal life. Until she met a guy named Clark. Andrew Clark V. Anderson. One night She found out that Clark was a vampire and that's the night he bit her, thinking she would die but, someone found her. He changed her into a vampire, he took her home and let her rest. She woke up looking around and she felt strange, she woke up vampire. And the one who changed her was..... Who could it be? Comment below and guess! Will she be safe? What happens when they find out about it? Will they survive? READ ALONG!


1. The turning

Mackenzie's P.O.V.

Hi! I'm Mackenzie! Mackenzie Marie P. Rummington to be exact. I'm 16 years old. I have dark brown, curly, long hair with a few blonde streaks. I have dark brown eyes and peach skin. I'm going to school today so I gotta get changed. After changing I went to school at about 6:38am yeah, I know! I'm an early bird! Anyways, when I passed by the dark alleyway I saw a figure. I live alone because I had to move to London for a scholarship. I turned on the flashlight I packed and I couldn't move. I saw my boyfriend Clark. Andrew Clark V.Anderson with another girl. She was blonde. I thought they were making out but, I looked closer and the girl was bleeding. She mouthed out a word but I think it ment "He is a barbwire" but I'm not sure though, then I saw Clark's Fangs and red eyes. oh, i get it! 'He is a vampire!!!' then he saw me and he dropped the blondie and she opened her eyes and turned to face me. "Run" she said softly. I ran as fast as I could but he was too fast. He had the ability to run fast, cause he was a vampire for crying out loud! He caught me and brought me to the dark alleyway which I assumed was a vampire hangout cause, I saw a giant billboard pointing to the area that said 'VAMPIRE HANGOUT, KEEP OUT!" Wow, I never noticed that! He pushed my body against the wall and started kissing my neck, "oh, Mackenzie! You're so sweet but, I can't let you tell anyone about me so.... I have to kill you!" He said with a smirk on his face. Then he bit my neck and I started feeling weak then I fell to the ground and heard him say, "Mackenzie, don't move! You will die soon anyway!" He laughed. Then he left and I passed out but I heard footsteps coming my way then the next thing I knew I passed out. Darkness was all around me, nothing else..... Just Darkness..........

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