S(he's) Br(ok)en

Beatrice Almeida, a 19 year old girl from Mulligar, was the best friend of Niall Horan. When he went to X Factor they never talk again.... She became a cold person and never had a friend again. Niall wanted to talk with her but Modest! don't want them to became friends again... But he don't give up and run away for meet her again...


1. Presentation

Hi! I'm Beatrice Almeida and i'm 19 years old. My birthday is on the 13 September 1993, like my old best friend Niall. You probably no him, is from One Direction. When he went to X factor never spouck with me again, and that hurt really much.

I work in my aunt's bakery, since my parents live in London. My secret? I cut myself, so I don't feel the pain for don't have my best friend with me anymore... It's sad, but is the true. Well I know that Niall is single by is mother. I talk to her every week, but when I try to talk about Niall, she doesn't awnser me a start to talk about something else.

A/N: This is my introdution for one of my fan-fic. I hope to have some likes and comments. If you don't like this, please comment something for make this better. LY, Bea_Horan

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