tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


9. 9

I woke up sittingin the room of the hospital. Niall was right by my side "omg,your alright." He let out a sigh of relief "the docters going to keep you informed about your brother max. why did it have to be him"  i looked up at him and teared up "i-i have no more family after he goes" i started crying and Niall pulled me onto his chest."i need him" he suddenly squeezed me tighter. i love the way his arms felt around me, the docters door open and rhiannon walked in "omfg alex are you ok??"  i escaped from Nialls arms and ran to rhiannon. She held me and told me everything would be fine. Thats when he waled in. The person i least wanted to see...Harry he pulled me away from rhiannon and held me tight. " babe .. im so sorry are you ok?"i looked up at himhe held my gaze he wiped my tears away from my my eyes and then kissed me why did i pull away? i still loved him, didnt i? Nialls face got red he shoved his hands in his pockets and kept walking.

Nialls pov

Alex passed out in my arms. i picked up her phone i told the docter she was on her way i carried her to my car whats going on? i carried her into the waiting room and set her down she woke up shortly after. Rhiannon showed up and took her out of my arms it hurt a bit, Harry showed up  and anger raged though me when he held her then he called her babe AND kissed her she told me they broke up, it hurt alot not going to lie if i didnt get out i'd snap i walked out and aalex ran after me i kept walking she broke harrys grasp pushing him away and walked after me "Niall look at me" i couldn't

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