tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


7. 7

alexs pov

i woke up and checked my phone. 11:30am why am i awake.I shurgged and texted Niall "what time you wanna meet?" i hopped in the shower after that. I put some black shorts on,my deadmau5 tanktop and my purple vans, i went back and brushed my teeth and my hair. Then i teased my hair a little bit,enough for a small poof. I went back and cheecked my phone. 4 messages all from the one and only Niall <3  "hm, 20:30?"  "alexz" "is this another game" "well its 12:15 i guess ill find out. ;D " i chuckled. Dang cant a girl get ready with out someone freaking out? i didnt repily. i head downstairs and walked to the park. I saw Niall standing with another girl,he saw me and quickly kissed her and walked towards me. Did it bother me? yes. did i show it? nope. He walked up to me with a crooked smile. He went for a kiss,and i gave him my cheek at the verry last minute. he looked shocked, i giggled and got closer to his face. "Im not that easy darling" i smiled, pecked him lips and walked down the street with him trailling in disbelief behing me. "whats wrong?' He looked at me "no girl has ever rejected a kiss from me before ;/" i giggled,first time for everything. and every girl isnt me "awe poor baby;3" he grabed my hand and though me over his shoulder. "N-NIALL! PUT ME DOWN!WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!" he bursted out laughing at the way i was wiggling in his arms  he caarried me all the way to his house he plopped me down on the couch and looked the door. "I could of walked y'know." i mumbled "rough ass" i thought i was quit, wrong" you want rough ?" and just like that Niall charged at me, i gasped and closed my eyes i winched a little bit, i was scared beyond belief. before i knew it i was pinned. between him,and the wall behind me, "N-naill, w-what are you-" he stoped me me from saying anything else.

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