tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


6. 6

i got inside louis wasn't home yet i checked my phone 3 messages "babe im sorry really text me back please " ugh,fuck harry. i hated him now i deleted the message. next! "working late,be home laterbe safe <3 you" dammit louis wouldnt be home tonight. Last message "meet me at the park tomorrow dont drive your car" I dont know why, but i was oddly attracted to Niall, i just broke up with my boyfriend, i should be sad. Why was'nt i? i love him, i think? i texted Niall back "come over" what was i doing? i must be looking for heartbreak. He texted back almost instantly. "not a good idea doll. you dont know what would happen to you if you get involed with me." for some reason i smiled , i liked this bad boy image. it was a rush i never had with harry he was always like idk what to say mabye a cupcake. "what do you mean Niall?" he texted back not even a minute later saying "i have a reputation. ima' player alex,you WILL get hurt and i WON'T care." My heart stopped for a split second. was i really going to play with danger? "last chance niall" apparenity i was. two can play this game. He may be able to get a lot of girl's but im single now. pleny of guys wanted me before,and still do. Ill have no issue. a rock hit my window. I looked outside, Niall, he showed up, holy shit. I smiled and stuck my head out the window. I "you took to long darling,i'm going to bed *yaaawn* goodnight, cya tommorow ;D" i smiled and closed the window, turned  of my light and laiddown, when i got a text."let the games begin" hahaha "so they shall ;D" i closed my phone and quickly fell asleep.

Nialls pov

shes good but im better walking home i couldnt stop thinking about her the whole time shes different a good different. I told her what would happen and she still decide to play my game. The big question is, why did i tell her? And why did i have weird feelings in my stomach thinking bout her ? And kissing her felt differnt to all the other girls.oh..on .., this cannot be happing .. not to me i refuse to belive it

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