tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


5. 5

he pulled away. he got my breath uneasy,my blood rushing,and pulled away. He began to back away from me, i wasnt sure what i was doing at this moment,or why i wanted him to kiss me. But, if he would'nt do it, i would. without thinking i grabed his neck and locked his lips with mine. i wrapped my arms around his neck and twisted my fingers in his soft blonde hair. He snaked his arms around my body,and squeezed me tight close to his warm body i could feel his warmth of him though his shirt. I loosed my grip,from around his neck and started pulling away. Our breathing was synchronized and heavey. He looked at me in the eye and in a low voice he said "you're going to end up hurt..,im not who you think i am..you should get out now before i draw you in even more then i already have.." I seached his eyes to see if he was lieing but no luck. "i dont care..its worththe rise..Your worth-" I stoped myself,what was i saying?,i barley knew him,but honestly,i didnt care.its been all 4 hour's since harry an i broke up,and im here doing this with a famous boy that any girl would be crazy about. i'm suppose to be heartbroken. i loved him right? 2 years that has to mean something..right , i started dazing of into my own little world until Niall grabbed me by the wasit and pulled me closer to him. "remember you said that,and rememeber,i warned you. so when thing's go wrong, i didnt want you crying,or bitching at me. this isnt my fault i warned you alex.." And with that he pushed his lips back on to mine, he said "he warnded me" i dont know what im getting my self into is what he impiled. ill guess,i'll find out.

NIALL'S POV (finally)

For some odd reason, i dont want to get involed with her,i dont want to hurt her i dont want to break her like i did to all the other girls. Shes special to me, i know i'll do something to fuck up. What am i saying? i LIVE to see girls get hurt by me and my charm. what the hell is going on here?

"ishould get going" she said in a low voice, Then despire not wanting to hurt, i kissed her again. 'STOP IT, STOP IT ,STOP IT" the voice in my head  kept saying, i didnt listen "alex, stay with me the night." did i really just ask that? she said no her brother would freak knowing him. i let her go to her car and watched her drive away. i texted her "meet me at the park tomorrow, don'd drive your car"

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