tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


4. 4

I repiled to neither of them, and started walking back to my car. Someone with a husky voice yelled my name,Well,sorta. "beautiful" it was Niall again,how does he always find me ? i turned around. "look,i dont know what you want,but your starting to creep me out kid." i wasnt going to tell him about harry,who knew what he would try. He smiled and grabed my hand. "i just want to talk as all" i pulled him over to the swings and sat next to him. "Kay,talk,better be good" i smiled after i said it,Why? im single now, i dont have to worry about harry getting mad at me for talking to other guys. "i know you have a boyfriend,but do yo-" i stoped him half way "had..." interrupted him. what was i doing?why was i telling him this.omg  "what?" he said "had a boyfriend, he uh cheated on me and i caught him, the whole reason im here." he looked sad,He looked at me teary filled eyes and held my gaze.I knew what he was goign to say. so i bet him to the punch "it's fine dont worry" He stood up and gave me a big bear hug.He held me tightly,as if id fall apart if he let go. I pulled away and held his gaze. He scearched for something, i didn't know what. "Niall,why are yo-" he put his finger to my lips "shhhz" He looked into my eye's. it sent a shiver through me. He leaned down and brushed his li*s against mine and moved to my ear."hold still...dont move" his cool breath made my breathing uneasy. he made his way back to my lip's. He parted his and put them on mine. Didnt kiss me,just sat them there. for what seems like forever. And justlike that,he pulled away. What the hell i thought.

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