tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


3. 3

"well babe i gotta go take tahlia homeon my way back,ill call you later."       He kissed me on the cheek and went on his way. i was kind of upset.What kind of boyfriend leaves with the town slut? let alone,my ex-bestfriend whose had a crush on ever since we started dating. whatever i guess. "lets go. im gonna follow him. i wanna see why he's acting so weird" we packed up and got ready to leave. Niall rushed up behind me and spun me around lightly. My hair fell into my face. he pushed it away with his fingers."hey sweets can i get ya number before you leave? ;)" my mouth droped. i was going to make it very clear to him that i have a bf "boyfriend remeber,now look,i didnt stutter or anything while saying that. Boyfriend,got it ? good " he smirked "sooooo??" 

I was tired of him pesterning me,so i grabbed his phone,punched in my number, i handed him back his phone with a smirk. i could've easily walked awayand made my answer stay a no. But for some odd  reason, i wanted him to have my number. it was werid.

"thanks babe, ill text you tonight. ;)" i nodded,smiled,then left with rhiannon. I dropped rhiannon off at home and then i stopped at harry's. i knew where he kept the spare key. so i thoughti'd surprsie him when he got home. I walked up to the door and reached for the key, i wentto unlock the door, but it was already open so, i walked inside. "harry..?" I walked upstairs, i herd some nosies coming from his room, so i knew he was home, i herd his voice in there, and someone elses? it sounded like..like..tahlia? What the hell were they doing in there beating each other? well,i knew what was happing, i just didnt wan't to belive that i was right.I bursted open his bedroom door, and instanly regretted doing so, i hated what i saw. Tears filled my eyes suddenly. "ALEX...." i didnt say anything, i looked at the girl, Tahlia i started crying even harder.  "are you happy now tahlia? you finally got what you wanted,MY boyfrien, fuck you youfucking sknaky little whore." i looked at harry, and started chocking on my tears. "as for you harry, fuck you, your dead to me i hate you,were so over..." i ran out of his house crying i got in my car and drove to the woods behind the park, i sat there for hours intill my phone virbrated. twice 1 from harry, 1 from who...?

1"baby, im sorry i fucked up. please, i beg of you,take me bac. forgive me.babe..please.."

i didnt relpily to harry. i exited the message.

"hey cutie,whatcha all doing.? ;)"

had to be Niall, great

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