tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


2. 2

we arrived at the beach and rhiannon smacked my arm and got over excited.

'There he is! that's niall!" She screeched and pointed to some boy. I got out of the car simultaneously with rhiannon. i took a quick look at niall. blonde/brownish hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and a really nice body. i looked at rhiannon and she took her tank off. probably to tease one of the boys.Why i did it, i don't know, but i took my top off too. mostly because i was starting to sweat.

We walked to our usaly spot. Niall was standing across the way talking to some guy. He looked over at me and rhiannon. i met his gaze for a few seconds. Then, he gave me a crooked smile. he said something to the guy, and headed my way.






"Oooo,hottie at 12o'clock. to bad your taken,huh "

I slaped her arm then i felt a presence. I turned around rather quickly.

"Hey gorgeous."Niall said. i looked at him, then turned back to rhiannon.

"oi bitch your calling" i screamed out to her. "acutally, im talking to you beautiful." he said and touched my cheek with his thumb. i started blushing,so i turned away really quickly. what the hell is going on? "well uh..um thanks. but i have a uh-b-boyfriend y'know."that took longer then expected for me to spit out. He smirked and laughed a bit. probably at how long i took to say one simple sentence. "like i care" he paused and then grabed me by the waist. rhiannon looked at me all bugged eyes and she mouthed the words "harry". i didnt realize that she meant he was here till a few seconds afterwards."i guarentee sweetheart,that i will get you,just you wait.besides you seemed to not want to tell me about your little boyfriend from the way that sentence came out,yeah?"

and with that he pecked my cheek and walked away smiling,i touched my hand to the place where he kissed. I watched him walk off,then i herd my name being called out. "alex" it was harry, how long had he been calling my name. ugh, not the one i wanted to see right now. "why was he with you?what did he say?why'd he touch you? alex answer me!" what was this,20 questions. "i dont know harry. honestly. he randomly came up to me. now,can you stop with the 20 questions. what are you doing here anyway? you said you were busy."


"My friend told me he saw Niall touching you,so,i came to see what was going on.is it a crime to cheek up on my girlfriend?"

you mean the gf you've avoided for the past 3 day's? then yes. i wanted to say that, but i didn'twant to start a fight in public.

"i guess not..' just as i said that tahlia walked up to him and whispered something into his ear, he looked at her and smiled. WHAT THE FUCK?

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