tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


11. 11

A/N -

sorry havnt updated in like 5 months bahah so not really knowing whats happing couldnt be botherd to reread anyway xoxo -bellah


Alexs p.o.v

I told him i loved him, i lost this game a long time ago, but i just realized it. Harry came up to me,,and i wanted so bad to just punch him in his too big for his face nose. "Hey babe, what was th-" Harry Styles STOP!. i am NOT your babe anymore! you cheated on me, for 8 fucking months! And your gonna come here, while my brother could be dying, trying to get me back?! No i love you but i love.. i love Niall more." he stared at me with wide eyes full of disbelief. He looked mad. Good! "you can't love to people at once its inpossible! this isnt bloody Twilight!" "the hell i cant Harry! Loving you is something that'll never change. 2 years with you Harry. It took me more then half of that time to even TELL you i love you. I'v known Niall and been with him for 2 days and i can admit i love him. Hell we arnt even daiting! Now, leave me alone and get your sorry arse out of-" miss Parker?" i looked at him as he pulled me into a different room. :Your brother.. He uhm.. He's not gonna make it.. Im very sorry, but his injuries are way to severe for us to handle and-" i blocked everything else out after that. Louis is dead, gone, forever im alone for real this time.  The docter held me as i busted out in tears. He told me what happen to Louis. A robbery, while he was working i guess. He got bashed in the head with a bat and shot in the side of the stomach. He also got shot so close to his heart that there was no way they could get the bullet out. I went and sat by Louis side, He saw me and smiled weakily "Everything will be ok alex ill always be with you. i love you baby sister. be safe" i held his hand and tears fell from my as his heart rate started to slow down until it was completely flat. I had to be carried out it was to hard to move on my own. Rhiannon told me to go with Niall cause she had  family stuff. But she would text me though out the night. Niall drove us to his house. In pure and utter silence.

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