tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


10. 10

she lied to me, she not single. And i thought she was the one who would end up hurt "Niall listen to methat kiss ment NOTHING! you hear me? hos my ex for a reason dont do this to me not now please ." i looked at her crying it broke me apart but i just couldnt care anymore "alex im new to this im not use to it.." she gave me a very confused look great,now i have to explain the whole thing to her "new to what.." she croaked.  I really had no idea how to explain this to her si i stayed quite"Niall" she slapped my chest and the thud echoed of it. i hesitated "new to....loving..loving someone. New to this emotion i have no idea how to handle it and its eating me alive."She looked at me and grabbed my face so that she was looking into my eyes "Niall i love you really im suppose to be the hurt one remember?" i smiled slightly.She loves me. "Alex your changing me..and i dont know how to react to it.. Im scared and a little freaked. You run though my mindall day every day every waking hour and i-" she cut me off "do you love me Niall?" I looked in to her gorgeous eyes and looked at her perfect lips i smiled and took a a deep breath. i grabed her by the wasit and pulled her close,so i could feel her heart beat against mine.  "its a secret" i whispered and then kissed her with so much passion even i was overwhelemed when the kiss broke she wishperd something in my ear she kissed me again then walked back inside the hospital,after 2 days iv started loving this girl

god im a mess

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