The Battle of Whitebreach

The mighty fort Whitebreach is being attacked by a foul alliance of Orcs and Dark Sorcerers. The men in the fort must think up ingenious contraptions, and ways to defend against this mighty force.


1. A message arrives.

The ranger Gorthorn was sitting on his charger, on top of a grassy knoll. He was gazing out across the plain near the Larni forest. Him and the other rangers in the kingdoms of men had the dangerous job of patrolling there areas. Sometimes they couldn't even sleep inside, or even under cover of trees. Sometimes they just had to sleep in a field, laying on a cow pelt. That was how Gorthorn had spent last night. His horse had slept easily, but he hadn't. A band of forest elves had been partying all night, and once forest elves start partying, they don't stop. His eyelids were heavy, and they kept closing. He was forcing himself to stay awake.

Nothing ever happened in his area of the kingdoms. He just rode around his horse all day, and then slept, and then rode his horse around again the next day. Gorthorn pulled out his dagger, and started wiping it clean. He had ran a deer down yesterday, and then gutted it. He had eaten venison, and made a deer pelt cloak.

Gorthorn pulled out a whetstone to sharpen his dagger, then snapped his head around. There was a goblin on bear back, riding swiftly away from the knoll. Sliding his dagger back into his sheath, Gorthorn wheeled his charger around, and shot after the goblin. He was gaining on the goblin, when the bear suddenly put on a burst of speed, and flew off across the dale. Gorthorn pulled out a crossbow, and buried a crossbow shaft in the goblin's shoulder. The goblin screamed in pain, and dropped off the back of the bear. Gorthorn dismounted his horse, and fired off another shaft. It sunk into the back of the goblin's leg. The goblin, who was climbing up to his feet, fell back onto the ground with another scream of pain. Breaking into a run, Gorthorn readied himself to interrogate the goblin. Coming to a halt, he knelt down beside the goblin.

"Why are you riding in this land?" Gorthorn shouted in the goblin's face.

"It's my homeland!" The goblin tried.

"Wrong answer!" Gorthorn said. He pulled out his dagger, and layed the edge of the blade against the goblin's neck.

"I'm a slave!" The goblin squeaked.

"Wrong again!" Gorthorn said. He lightly slid the sharp edge of the dagger against the hollow of the goblin's throat, making a light cut.

"Look in my bag. LOOK IN MY BAG!" The goblin cried.

"Alright, but if this is a trick, I'll kill you." Replied Gorthorn.

Gorthorn leant over, and opened the bag. Inside was a pair of daggers, some copper coins, and a book. Reaching out, Gorthorn grabbed the book. When it opened, some sheaves of paper fell out. Most of them were just idle doodles, but one of them caught Gorthorn's attention.

'Scout of the Gahlo army, as you know, we are planning to invade the Kingdoms of men. You must find the ruins of Khala. There is a tunnel there leading right to the castle treasury. We must use this for the war. We will invade through this tunnel. We will slay them from right inside their own walls.'

"You are now a captive of the King of men, you are coming with me to the capital."

Besides, he needed to go back there himself.

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