Harry and Marcel are brothers. They help each other through everything. But they have a difference between each other. Harry is a bad boy and a defender when it comes to his brother. He always threat the people in school who bullies Marcel. And Marcel is the "nerd" one in school.He is the smart one he always got high grades and scores in school.He always got beaten up and got threaten not to say to his borther, but whenhe comes home, Harry always notice it and then Harry's blood is boiling when we sees bruised & cuts in his face.

Are they going to continue loving eachother as a brothers?

Is Harry will stop defecding his own brother?

Or Is Marcel will continue to being bullied?


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1. Prolouge

Hi. I'm Marcel and I have a brother whose name is Harry Styles. He's the most popular boy in school while I'm just the nerd one on the side.

I'm bullied. Obviously because all of the nerds here in the school are bullied. So yeah. Harry always defend me when someone is attacking me.

I also have bestfriends. I've known them since 2nd grade so they're still here for me.

So yeah. I better get going now. Bye!


Newwwwwwww fanficcccc :)

-julls x

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