Harry and Marcel are brothers. They help each other through everything. But they have a difference between each other. Harry is a bad boy and a defender when it comes to his brother. He always threat the people in school who bullies Marcel. And Marcel is the "nerd" one in school.He is the smart one he always got high grades and scores in school.He always got beaten up and got threaten not to say to his borther, but whenhe comes home, Harry always notice it and then Harry's blood is boiling when we sees bruised & cuts in his face.

Are they going to continue loving eachother as a brothers?

Is Harry will stop defecding his own brother?

Or Is Marcel will continue to being bullied?


© Copyright Intended • Jullianna5SOS


5. Chapter 4

*Marcel's POV*
The shooting was amazing! I was the 'marketing guy' and Liam as Leeroy, Zayn as Veronica, Niall as Harvey and Louis as Jonny.

We made a funny scene and the director said that I say, "Cute as a button, every single one of you." I was really going to cracked up laughing after I said it.

We said our goodbye's and we didn't used the car. I'm with Liam,Harry,Niall,Louis and Zayn and me walked because driving is too mainstream. Hha.

While walking, I saw Jullianna and Joumanah skating. Yup, they're sisters. They are inseparable as always. They're like the girl version of me and Harry but they're not nerd like me.

Good thing, I brought my camera.  I captured them stolen.

"Hey!" I shouted. Both of them turned their attention to me. Their mouth dropped once they saw me. I know how big fan are them of One Direction. They hugged me and I hugged back.

"Nice chicks you got there." Louis said making them fangirl.

"Shut up." I playfully slapped his arm.

I saw Niall focusing his gaze to Jullianna. Aw, Nialler has a crush! Jullianna and Joumanah ebbed with us to our flat.

They skate to the flat and took pictures to post in Tumblr. Yup, they're tumblr famous.

We reached the flat and the boys flopped down on the couch. I asked them if they want a seat and they said they're okay.I giggled and went to the kitchen where Julls and Jou where.

I smiled at my best friends and Jou left to the lounge room and Julls and I are the ones who left in the kitchen.

"Did you see Niall kept staring at you?" I asked she screamed and I covered her mouth.

"Really?! OH MY GOD!" She yelled. Causing the boys the yell and went to the kitchen.

"What happened?" Liam asked, worriedly.

"Well, I told Julls that Nialler has a crush on her."

Niall's eyes went wide and gave me a playful glare. I wiggled my eyebrows and smiled.

We went to the louge to chill. Julls kept taking pictures of her self. While us and Jou were watching tv.

This day is the best day ever.

Yay!! I'm sorry boring chapter but ill promise ill update maybe tomorrow :)

btw Julls and Jou skateboard  below v v v v



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