Harry and Marcel are brothers. They help each other through everything. But they have a difference between each other. Harry is a bad boy and a defender when it comes to his brother. He always threat the people in school who bullies Marcel. And Marcel is the "nerd" one in school.He is the smart one he always got high grades and scores in school.He always got beaten up and got threaten not to say to his borther, but whenhe comes home, Harry always notice it and then Harry's blood is boiling when we sees bruised & cuts in his face.

Are they going to continue loving eachother as a brothers?

Is Harry will stop defecding his own brother?

Or Is Marcel will continue to being bullied?


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4. Chapter 3

*Marcel's POV*

I woke up and felt my phone buzzing. I opened and i just receive a text from Harry saying I will be in their new music video called, "Best Song Ever," something like that. I replied with an okay and headed to the bathroom.

I ripped my clothes from me and turn the shower. Hmm the water is so warm. After 15 minutes, I got out from the bathroom and wore my uniform as usual.

I went downstairs and ate my one and only favourite cereal, Cheerios. Nyahahahaha. After for good,10 minutes I finished eating and put the bowl on the dish washer.

I left the house and walked to school since it's illegal for me to drive. I played Despicable Me 2 in my phone and the car kept splashing water to me.

I finally made it to school and saw Harry. He waved and smiled at me. I smiled back. He's with my friends their having their heart-to-heart talk. I decided not to bug them so I just kept walking to my 1st period.

When suddenly a group of people came up to me. Oh great! One of them pushed me on the wall making a loud thump and hold up my neck. He kicked me hard on my stomach making me fall hard.

I was still alive. Thanks God.

"Tell Harry or I won't hesitate and kill you." He thereatened. I simply nod and walked to my first period.


Math finished and I was about to go to my 2nd period when I saw Michael and his 'gang' being scolded by Mrs. Jones.

I heard Mrs. Jones saying that they need to go detention. I kept walking and a small smirk curved my lips.


School just finished and I received a text from Harry saying that Paul will pick me up for the shooting for the video.

I saw Paul and I got in the black range rover. There was an awkward silence between us but I just kept playing in my phone. The he said that we're here.

I saw the place that we're going to be working in the video and my mouth just dropped. It was big.

I saw Harry and he hugged me and saw his best mates and they said 'hey's and I just replied with a 'hi's' to them.

The director explained everything that we'll do.

This is going to be interesting.

jamie below 

Byee :D


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