Harry and Marcel are brothers. They help each other through everything. But they have a difference between each other. Harry is a bad boy and a defender when it comes to his brother. He always threat the people in school who bullies Marcel. And Marcel is the "nerd" one in school.He is the smart one he always got high grades and scores in school.He always got beaten up and got threaten not to say to his borther, but whenhe comes home, Harry always notice it and then Harry's blood is boiling when we sees bruised & cuts in his face.

Are they going to continue loving eachother as a brothers?

Is Harry will stop defecding his own brother?

Or Is Marcel will continue to being bullied?


© Copyright Intended • Jullianna5SOS


3. Chapter 2

I woke up with an huge headache. I tried to sat up but it didn't work. I stayed in bed for good 30 minutes and I finally sat up.

I walked slowly to downstairs holding the side line of it. I saw Harry playing FIFA. I didn't hesitate on bugging him I just kept walking to the kitchen. He turned his head on me but I ignored it pretending i didnt see it.

I opened the fridge and grabbed some food. I walked and sat next to Harry he finished his FIFA and then turned his gaze to me.

"Who did that to you?" He asked, normally. Unlike the other days he asked angrily.

"My bullies." I said.

"Who mostly did the bruises and cuts on you?"

"Michael." I said. Tears were running from my eyes. I couldn't even help it!

"I'm going to kill that bastard." He angrily says.

A thunder just bang and I walked and closed the windows and covered it with the curtains. I love it when it's raindy I just spend the day with my brother and just on my phone after doing homeworks. Not minding the bullies.

I smiled and grabbed my iPhone. I took pictures of me and my brother and I edited it and posted it Instagram. I'm not that "obssessed" with taking pictures I'm just doing it when I'm bored or something whatsoever.

I went on Twitter and saw hate mentions they have sent me and then there's Thea saying...

@Thealalala: @Marcel_Styles Don't mind them, they just jealous because ur just smart :) Xx
 I favourited it and retweeted it and replied..
@Marcel_Styles: @Thealalala Thank you idk what i'd do without you guys xx

Then there's Michael...

@micha3lwar: Go kill yourself no one will miss you. :P

Okay, i'll admit, that hurts. I ignored it and played Temple Run 2.

I was in 2 million and then my phone suddenly vibrated. It was from an unknown number. I clicked it and saw...

hey marcel pls just dont ever go to school our day will just ruin by seeing u

Who's this?

Oh u kno the 1 n only michael

I didn't hesitate on replying back and I just went on Facebook receiving many hates from you know the "famous bullies" i have. I don't really know what I'd do without my friends. They're here when I'm being beatean up mostly Harry.


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