Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


22. Spark

Niall's POV
It's been a month since Junie's "incident." Zayn's birthday passed which we celebrated with a small arty of just family and friends. Things have been slow and quiet otherwise. Junie's voice came back after a week and she's back writing songs and singing. The lads and I have been relaxing and readying for the new tour with our girls.
Juniper keeps having nightmares. She's quiet and withdrawn and smiles less. Her eyes have lost her spark. She just sleeps, reads, and sings. She barely eats unless I make her, which scares me because she used to eat like I do.
Currently, she's in our room. I hear no noise coming from it so I assume she's asleep.
I open the door quietly and peer in. I find her sitting up against the headboard of the bed and staring down at her clasped hands. I sigh and make my way over to her.
"Junie?" I say quietly. She looks up and meets my eyes, giving me a weak smile.
"I have writer's block," she explains. I nod.
"Can I sit with you?" I ask. She nods and scoots over a bit. I climb onto the bed to sit next to her and gently wrap my arms around her. She leans her head on my chest and takes in a heavy breath.
"I wish you'd just forget," I say, kissing her head.
"Me too," She answers, leaning up to kiss my neck.
"You and Louis have hardly talked this passed month," I say, testing the water, trying not to make her spiral.
"I know," She whispers, squeezing me closer. "I miss him."
"He thinks it's his fault, you know," I say.
"He can't. It's not," She answers.
"He thinks it is, because he promised your mum he'd look after you," I explain.
"Where is he?"
"In the common room, watching a game with Zayn and Harry."
She untangles herself from me and stands up. She makes her way out the door and down the hall as I follow her.
When she enters the common room, Louis sees her and stands up.
"Junie," He says as she walks toward him. Before he an say anything else she throws her arms around his neck and hugs him tight. He immediately wraps his arms around her midsection and squeezes her back.
"I love you, Loubear," She says.
"I love you, too, Juniper," Louis says, smiling into her hair. "I'm so sorry."
Junie pulls back and smiles at him. "It's not your fault Lou, it really isn't, so no more apologizing."
Louis smiles again. "Oh! Here," He says, pulling her necklace out of his pocket. Junie's eyes light up as she takes it and puts it back on.
"I thought I'd lost it," She says, running her fingers over the "Sister" carrot charm.
"I was keeping it safe for you, until you forgave me," Lou says, smiling weakly.
"Thanks, Lou," Junie tackles him suddenly, knocking Louis on the ground. They start wrestling and giggling.
"And this has what's been missing the whole time," Liam says as he walks into the common room. He, Zayn, Harry, and I smile stupidly at Lou and Junie as they act like children.
Junie jumps up and, as usual, runs through the kitchen and dining room, giggling, with Louis hot on her tail. They make a few rounds about the condo before stopping to catch their breath. The lads an Juniper all in laughter.
Junie catches my eye as she smiles, and I smile back.
The spark in her eyes is back.
Juniper is back.

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